Use These Mounts To Attach Your Monitor Under A Cabinet

If you’re looking to save space and have a monitor in a non-traditional viewing area, an under-cabinet monitor mount might solve both of these problems. 

We have many reasons why we recommend mounting monitors, you get more space which then makes your desk easier to organize. From there everything starts to look better and it becomes an efficient place to work. 

Under cabinet or ceiling monitor mounts allow you to securely attach a monitor to the underside of a surface, freeing up that valuable counter and desk space.

It also doesn’t have to be a cabinet. You can use these to mount your monitor under shelves, your ceiling, or any other sturdy surface. 

In this article, we’re going to touch on what you should keep in mind before buying and installing this type of monitor mount. We’ll follow this with our recommendations too. 

How To Choose An Under-Cabinet Monitor Mount

Before purchasing the best under-cabinet monitor mount, there are certain requirements and features you should keep in mind before making a decision. Here’s what you should pay attention to.

Monitor Compatibility

This one is pretty non-negotiable. Your monitor mount has to be compatible with your monitor. 

First, your monitor needs to be VESA compatible. You can learn all about VESA compatibility here. If your monitor is not VESA compatible, don’t worry, there are still ways to mount non-VESA monitors

VESA compatibility just means your monitor has a standardized set of mounting holes that off-the-shelf monitor mounts will have as well. Almost all cleanly installed under cabinet monitor mounts are VESA mounted.

InstallerParts 13"-27" RV TV Ceiling Mount for Under Cabinet Kitchen, Aluminum TV Bracket Folding, Retractable, Fold Down for LED, LCD,TV, Monitor, Flat Screens 75x75 and 100x100

Next, find out the size and weight of your monitor. If you look up your monitor’s model number on the manufacturer’s website, you will find all of this information. Or you can just put your monitor on the scale, and grab a tape measure to find the diagonal size of your screen. 

The monitor mount you purchase must be designed for your monitor’s size and weight. If not, your monitor mount could end up sagging.

We have a dedicated article on how to fix monitor mount sagging if you have a mount that is operating in its weight capacity. . I like to get a monitor mount that can support a few pounds above what my monitor actually weighs. It’s less risky this way!


Now we have to think about what kind of functionality you want from your mount. Do you want it to be adjustable? Fixed in place? Foldable? 

Mount-It! Flip Down TV and Monitor Mount | Ceiling Kitchen Overhead and Under Cabinet Mount | Fits Flat Screens 13 15 17 19 21.5 24 27 32 37 Inches | VESA Compatible 75-200 | Height Adjustable

You will pay extra for additional features, so make sure you get what you need and that ensures you get the most bang for the buck. 

Consider other adjustments that would be helpful to you such as tilt, swivel, or extending. 

Cable Management

If anyone has seen my desk, you can tell I take my cable management pretty seriously. Probably to a fault. It just looks so good! 

Choose a mount that has a built-in cable management system to keep your cables organized and out of sight. You will love the result of your cable management efforts!

Mvpmounts Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount Bracket Fits Most 14-42" LCD LED Plasma Monitor Flat Panel Screen Displays Tilt / 360°Swivel

Not all monitor mounts have good cable management. I go into detail on how to hide monitor cables, even without using the features available on my monitor. 

Installation Type & Location

Finally, you’ll want to ensure that the mount is easy to install and secure so that you can have peace of mind while it’s mounted. You don’t want to be nervous just looking after the monitor mount after you install it.

Also, consider the mounting features required by the manufacturer. Can the monitor mount be installed into a cabinet’s MDF walls? Does it need a stud inside of your cabinet? 

Most of these under cabinet and ceiling mounted monitors will require drilling, so be prepared for that part. Remember to measure twice and drill once! 

Make sure you have the recommended mounting method available so you can use the monitor mount appropriately. 

By considering these requirements, you’ll get what you need with a seamless installation experience and the result is an under-cabinet monitor mount that just works. 

Our Under Cabinet Monitor Mount Recommendations

There are already too many products to choose from on Amazon. We’re simplifying that for you with the two most highly-rated under-cabinet mounts. 

These two mounts we recommend use different designs so it’s worth considering which one will be best for your situation. 

Mount It! Under Cabinet Monitor Mount

Out of all the similar-looking monitor mounts on Amazon, we found that this foldable version by Mount It had the most compatibility with different monitor sizes and was highly rated. 

  • The mount folds up for easy storage which is a neat space-saving feature.
  • The bracketed mount swivels for easy quick positioning.
  • The mount has a maximum capacity of 44 lbs, which is well over the average weight of a monitor

You can choose the compact version that supports monitors between 13-27 inches in size, or the beefier version that supports 17-37 inch screen sizes. 

Mvp Mounts Ceiling Monitor Mount

An alternative to under cabinet mounting is a good ceiling mount. This gets the same job done as it is mounted from above, but doesn’t require you to drill into your cabinets. Instead, you drill into the studs in your ceiling. 

Just keep the height difference in mind. You might require a longer drop when mounting from the ceiling instead of a cabinet. 

This is one example of a highly rated ceiling-mounted monitor support. 

  • This mount can swivel and tilt so you can dial in the perfect viewing angle. 
  • The bracket that mounts to the ceiling can also be reoriented to attach to the wall which makes it very adaptable. 
  • It also has a pretty healthy height range, it can go down 35 inches from the ceiling. 

If your cabinet has enough space underneath it, this can also serve as an under-cabinet mount! 

An Alternative To Cabinet & Ceiling Mounting

Though these two are the best and most affordable “under-mounting” methods, you might also consider wall-mounting your monitor. 

MOUNT PRO Single Monitor Wall Mount

This adjustable monitor stand offers full motion adjustments, fits 13-32 inch computer screens, and holds your monitor on the wall, freeing up valuable space on your workstation. The gas spring system is built for thousands of cycles and can be tuned to the weight of your monitor.

Check Price on Amazon

Instead of drilling under your cabinets, you would drill the wall behind where the monitor would live. This is a great way to make your monitor basically look like it’s levitating! 

It also opens up the types of monitor mounts available to you, such as fancy gas spring mounts! These mounts make your monitor very easy to move around and manipulate on the fly. 

MOUNT PRO Single Monitor Wall Mount

You don’t have to nail the position with the installation because the position is so flexible. Keep this in mind because it might work better than the mounts above. 

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