About Us


Thanks for paying a visit, my name is Dasun!

Ever since I had my first desk, I’ve been constantly adjusting and iterating my workspace. I have always been organized and needed my desk to look “good”. 

Fast forward to finishing school and joining the workforce: I started obsessing over my desk setup. The pandemic multiplied the obsession with more time at home. 

I ultimately wanted an inviting space to work on my side projects, game, or just watch youtube. And of course, work from home in a comfortable and optimized space. A couple hundred desk setups later and I have settled on my setup below, for now… 

I love changing up my workspace every once in a while. It keeps it a fresh place to work. 

My goal with this website is to share my workspace perspectives with all my readers. I was able to enhance my workspace and even get more done by dialing in different setups and accessories. Ultimately, I found what works for me. 

I want to help others find what works for them so they too can have an inviting and productive place to get work done, or just hang out.  

I made a detailed post on my entire desk setup here.

Alex Drawer Setup