Hexcal USB-C Magnetic Cable Review

USB cables are rarely an exciting topic, they do a simple job: charge, transfer data, etc. They also have a frustrating habit of tangling and becoming knotted when we most need them.

This is where HEXCAL’s new magnetic USB-C cable offers something a little new! HEXCAL packs a ton of functional features into the design of this product from clean aesthetics and high charge rates to a very storage-friendly design.

In this article, we will review everything this cable has to offer!

Design & Build Quality

The first thing you’ll notice when using this cable is the super cool magnetic-sleeved design. This gives the cable two ‘superpowers,’ if you will.

First, it gives the cable a solid structure. It’s not a super flexible cable that is prone to kinking and getting damaged. Second, it allows the cable to naturally coil onto itself and stick together in the coiled form!

That second point is an absolute game-changer. The cable’s normal state is a very organized and portable coil that actually looks good. Believe it or not, it’s hard for most cables to just sit on a table and look good.

That’s why many of us go to great lengths to hide cables in our setup. Because of the design of this cable, the urge to hide it is reduced pretty significantly. The braided black and white nylon adds to the very clean design.

When you want to use the cable, pulling the magnetic coil apart is pretty effortless. If there is excess cable length not in use, it stays in a coil due to the magnetic sleeving – a very convenient design!

It has a length of about 1 meter, or 3.2 feet, making it a very functional length without being unbearably long.

Now let’s get into the details of what the cable is capable of.

Charging Performance

Here are all the specs on the product packaging below. You can see the charging performance is pretty high up there with a max rate of 240 watts! This is more than my OEM Dell XPS 15 laptop charger, which is only 130 watts!

This means you can use this cable to charge pretty much any USB-C device. Phones, laptops, tablets, it’s all fair game with this type of capacity. It essentially guarantees that this cable will not be the charging bottleneck, no matter the device.

If you have any devices that have either QC 4.0 or PD 3.1 (Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 or Power Delivery 3.1), this cable can do both! PD 3.1 specifically can deliver up to 240 watts, just like this cable.

Data Transfer Speed

The data transfer speed of this cable comes in at a max speed of 480 Mbps. This transfer speed is the typical standard of USB 2.0 Hi-Speed spec.

While not fast compared to USB 3.0+ technologies, the design and charging rate of this cable will make it one you still pick up and use frequently.

With the magnetic-sleeved design, nylon braiding, and fully metal connector housings, this cable is at the top of my list as far as charging cables go! Check out this USB cable on HEXCAL’s website.

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