Find the Perfect Fit: The Ultimate Guide to Office Chairs for Tall People

Tall people usually are on the hunt for things that fit them specifically. The same is true for office furniture.

Hopefully you already have a desk that supports taller people. If not, check out our article on the best desks for tall people, and the best standing desks for tall people. We got you, tall people!

Today we’re specifically talking about chairs for tall people. This will go great with the desks in the articles linked above. 

Tall people need some completely rehauled chairs that can meet larger body requirements. All the ergonomic features and benefits still should apply when you sit in your chair. We’re going to talk about what you should look for to make you a more educated buyer, and recommend some as well. 

Key Takeaways

  • Seat height will be the most important specification to look for in a properly fitting chair. 
  • Afterwards, backrest height, weight capacity, and seat depth are critical to size appropriately. 
  • Start finding your perfect seat dimensions with this online calculator.

What To Look For In Chairs For Tall People

Here are the main features you want to pay attention to when it comes to picking out your office chair. Keep in mind, nothing beats sitting in a chair and trying it out yourself. 

These features below will help you check fitment online as well if manufacturers reveal this information. Most of the good brands have this information available. 

We have also compiled a table with some of the bestselling office chairs on Amazon with their respective dimensions in our article on the average chair size. Feel free to reference this table if you’re interested. 

Maximum Seat Height

Look for chairs with a tall seat height range. For a good ergonomic seating position, your feet should be flat on the floor when sitting in your office chair. 

If you have longer legs, your seat height needs to be increased as a result. A good way to estimate your seat height is to use this online desk setup calculator

Simply input your height, and select the “Sitting” position, and it should output your approximate chair height. For example, when I input 6 foot 5 inches in height, it outputs 19.5 – 20.5 inches in chair height.

Chair Dimensions (2)

A super tall person with a height of 6 foot 9 inches will require a chair height of 21 – 22 inches. You can confirm these measurements by finding a chair that is the perfect height and just measure that. 

Find a chair that advertises a seat height that is within your expected height range. Even better if it can go beyond your range for more flexibility.

An affordable chair that will meet the seat height needs of many tall people is this one from Amazon Basics. It was the chair with the tallest seat height in our Average Chair Dimensions article. 

Comfortable Weight Capacity

Taller people usually weigh more than shorter people, it’s just a fact. With that, we have to keep in mind the weight capacity of an office chair if we want to enjoy it for any reasonable amount of time. 

When looking at weight capacities try not to get too close to the absolute maximum. Though the manufacturers probably have some sort of safety factor, it’s best not to test that out. 

I recommend not going near the max weight capacity. Just find a chair that comfortably supports your weight. Some high capacity weight chairs include the following which top out at 300 lbs. 

In our average chair size article linked above, we found that the average chair had a weight capacity ranging from 250 to 300 lbs. With an overall average almost right in the middle at 273 lbs. 

Enough Backrest Height

Taller folks have longer torsos and thus longer backs. To ensure a comfortable and fully supported back, it’s important to have the proper backrest height. 

Too short of a backrest, and you can actually feel your shoulder blades run into the top edge of your chair. Not a comfortable feeling. 

This goes for lumbar support as well. Taller people will need that lumbar support to reach higher. 

Here are two examples that have a relatively tall backrest height. These are well suited for tall people if your seat height falls within range. 

Proper Seat Depth

Seat depth is the final critical dimension that you need to look out for if you are especially tall. Look for chairs with a generous seat depth. 

A short seat depth will feel like that part of your leg around your knee is unsupported. It will be an uncomfortable experience for long hours of sitting in your chair. 

I highly recommend a chair that has an adjustable seat depth. A lot of high end chairs come with this feature, because it makes it adaptable to so many more people. 

Keep in mind that an adjustable seat depth is a premium feature, and you will see that reflected in the price tag. Here are two well rated options with an adjustable seat depth on Amazon. 

A Headrest Could Help

Headrests are pretty optional on chairs for average height people. Some people like it, some people don’t need it.  The same pretty much holds true for taller folks. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

Do you lean back on your chair and hope it catches your head a lot? Do you need a headrest to remind you of proper posture when seated? 

What else are headrests good for? This question has been answered. A physical therapist digs into this question of whether headrests are required or not on chairs in this article on

Secondary Features

Other features you should look for include seat width if you foresee that being an issue. There are specific recommendations on seat widths from Ergonomic Trends that will be worth the read. 

Adjustable arms let you place them in the perfect position. Some fancy chairs out there from Herman Miller and Steelcase also allow armrests to move in, out, forward, backwards, and even tilt! 

Overall, the best way to choose a chair is by trying one out yourself in the store. This will give you invaluable information such as build quality, seat cushion comfort for your body specifically, and any other quirks or surprises. 

You can compare what a headrest chair feels like and what a normal chair feels like. How you feel will have the biggest impact on your decision, as it should. You will be spending hours on it, hopefully for years to come! Put a huge emphasis on comfort. 

Don’t forget that a chair that fits one person is not going to work for just anyone. Expect differences and assume that a chair that works another person won’t necessarily work for you.

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