Dual Monitor Mounts For Large Monitors (32+ Inches)

Dual monitor setups are pretty much standard for high productivity/multitasking focused desk setups. Investing in a monitor mount for those dual monitors will give you a huge amount of desk space back. 

Larger monitors typically come with much larger factory stands. That means swapping those large monitor stands with an aftermarket stand will give you significantly more desk space. 

In this article we’re going to cover dual monitor mounts specifically made for large monitors. By large monitors, I’m talking about monitors 32 inches or more in size.  

We’re going to cover everything you need to know from the stand types, specific arm types, and what else you need to know before you buy that dual monitor stand.

Key Takeaways

  • Before purchasing a dual monitor mount for 32 inch+ monitors, keep in mind your monitor’s weight and ideal arrangement. 
  • Mounts with a much higher weight rating compared to your monitor weight tend to be more stable
  • There are several types of mounts that are driven by convenience, budget, and functionality. Keep reading so you know what mount is right for you along with our recommendations.

Things To Know Before You Buy

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind when shopping for large dual monitor stands.

Monitor Weight

First and foremost, your larger monitor will weigh more than typical 20 – 24 inch monitors. That means you need a beefier stand. It’s a good idea to find out what your monitor weighs before shopping for a stand. 

Ideally, your monitor manufacturer will post the weight of the monitor with the stand as well as without the stand. We care about the weight without the stand, because the stand will be replaced with our new monitor stand. 

You can find your monitor model number behind your monitor, or sometimes they can be found in the monitor settings menu. For example, I searched for my 34″ monitor model number (Dell U3417W), and clicked on the manufacturer’s product page. 

Dell conveniently posted the weight for “panel only – for VESA mount” at 16.97 lbs. 

Once you find your monitor weight for the panel only without the stand, keep that number in mind. All of the stands we look for will list the max weight capacity. Ensure your monitor without the stand weighs less than the max rating. 

Give yourself a couple pounds of wiggle room. When you use a monitor at the max weight capacity, the stand will be struggling to hold your large monitors. All the joints in the arm will be at the edge of their capability, which makes for a cumbersome experience. 

Here are some average monitor weights of different monitor sizes.

Dual Monitor Stand Types

Not all monitor stands are built the same. There are a handful of monitor stand types no matter what size your monitors are. 

Stand Alone Mounts

Stand alone mounts are mounts that have a base platform. They can be similar to a factory stand in that they have a platform that takes up desk space. However, the ones we are looking at will be able to support dual large monitors. 

They can support two monitors with a smaller overall platform compared to the two separate factory monitor mounts. 

This is a good choice for those worried if their desks are too weak or thin for a desk clamping monitor mount. We have an article dedicated to monitor mount solutions for those types of desks here

Desk Clamp Mounts

This is my favorite type of monitor mount. They fit most desks that have a relatively strong top surface, and are super easy to install. With those benefits, they also make the most dramatic reduction in desk footprint. 

That means you get more desk space back when you use them. These are the ones I personally use, and highly recommend. 

Monitor Arm

Grommet Mount

Desk clamp mounts usually also come with hardware to make them compatible with grommet mount monitor arms. 

I recommend this for those who have an existing grommet hole in their desk and it’s in a location convenient for monitor mounting. 

If you don’t already have a grommet hole, you will have to drill a huge hole in your desk yourself. Not everyone wants to take that task on and buy the necessary tools. If you want to drill your own grommet hole, I recommend checking out this video by BTODtv

Wall Mount

If you want your larger dual monitor mount to take up ZERO space on your desk, a wall mounted monitor arm is the way to go. 

This does have a higher difficulty installation process though. You have to locate the studs in your wall and mount them directly to the stud. Remember, we’re talking about heavier 32 inch plus monitors here. 

If you are up to the installation task, these are a very elegant solution. Wall mounted monitors make your monitor look like it’s just floating in mid air! 

I wouldn’t recommend this to people with a standing desk though. If you have a standing desk, you will be constantly adjusting the monitor which could get annoying. When you use a desk mount with a standing desk, your monitors only need to be adjusted the first time. 

Dual Monitor Arrangement

We have an entire article dedicated to the various dual monitor arrangements. Definitely check out that article as we link to several real dual monitor setups that give off some serious desk setup inspiration. 

The reason you have to think about this arrangement is because some monitor arms will be better or worse depending on your desired setup. As you look through different monitor mounts, keep in mind your arrangement. 

Do you want horizontal monitors size by side? Do you want one vertical? What about two stacked monitors? Ensure the arm dimensions can support your desired setup. 

Stand Arms Types

For the monitor mounts that have arms, there are two main types. Here are the pros and cons of each. 

Static Height Arms

The more affordable arm type is a static height monitor arm. These arms have simple pivots which let you move your monitor in and out, side to size, as well as tilt. But the height is controlled by a bolt clamped on to a central pole. 

Once you set your monitor height, it’s not super convenient to adjust on the fly. You need a tool to adjust monitor height. 

Gas Spring Arms

The slightly more expensive option is gas spring monitor arms. Gas springs for monitor mounts have been tuned to hold a certain amount of weight. This makes them super easy to manipulate at any time. 

You do pay a little higher of a price for monitor mounts with gas springs. If you want to be able to move your monitor around quickly and easily, this is the way to go. 

Arm Space Requirements

The last consideration you need to make before pulling the trigger on a large dual monitor mount is the space required. 

Most people have their desks up against a wall, and certain dual monitor mounts make it difficult to mount your monitors flush up against that wall. 

Take a look at this image below:

VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount

You can see that if the monitors were pushed back further, the arms would go beyond the depth of a desk. This could be a problem if you have a shallow desk or have limited space behind your desk. 

Dual Monitor Stands For Large Monitors

Now let’s get into our recommendations. We chose clamps from every category that will work for 32 inch monitors. We also chose the monitors that had a higher weight rating so they have a better chance of being a stable solution for you. 

Don’t forget to confirm both of your monitor weights as this is critical to choosing the right dual monitor mount! 

Desk Clamp Options

Premium Desk Clamp Option

Ergotron – LX Vertical Stacking Dual Monitor Arm, VESA Desk Mount – for 2 Monitors Up to 40 Inches, 7 to 22 lbs Each – Tall Pole, White
  • Broad compatibility: Fits two screens up to 40 inches and 7 to 22 pounds each; compatible with VESA patterns 75x75mm and 100x100mm
  • Everything you need: Includes two LX arms and extensions, 23-inch pole, heavy duty two-piece desk clamp for surface edges 0.63 to 2.6 inches thick, grommet mount plate...
  • Comfortable workspace: Find your best view for each project with 13 inches of lift, rising 31.7 inches from the desktop; customize how you work or collaborate at your...
  • Flexible working: Easily stack screens one over the other or position to either side; up your screen count and productivity with three or four displays using the LX Arm,...
Check Price on Amazon

If you’re looking for a high end monitor mount with top class stability, Ergotron is the brand for you. Though this is a super high end gas spring monitor mount, they will last as long as you have a dual monitor setup. 

The Ergotron name is well known for monitor mounts, so this will also have a decent resale value as well.  The mount above can support monitors up to 22 lbs each, which most 32 inch monitors will fall within.

This specific mount actually supports monitors up to 40 inches in size! 

Gas Spring Desk Clamp Option

HUANUO 13-32 Inch Monitor Mount 2 Monitors, Ergonomic Height Adjustable Screen Mount 2 Monitors Tilt/Swivel/Rotate/Weight Max 9 kg/VESA 75/100 mm
  • Fit for Your Monitors - Each monitor arm can only accommodate a maximum size of 32 inches. Monitors larger than 32 inches are not compatible. And the monitor must have...
  • Additional Height Design - HUANUO dual monitor mount features an additional 17-inch column, which allows the maximum height to be raised up to 26.18" after lifting the...
  • Customize Your Screen Angle - This full motion dual monitor arm allows your monitor 90°tilt, 180°swivel and 360°rotate to find an optimal view angle to meet your...
  • Maximize Your Desktop - Hold your monitor on the arm of your desktop, save up valuable space on your desk and make your workstation spacious; the integrated cable...
Check Price on Amazon

If you want a simpler desk clamp with a gas spring, this is a high value stand that can support monitors up to 20 lbs each. You can move your monitors on the fly. 

This version has a central pole that clamps to the desk which makes each monitor arm a little shorter. Shorter arms typically result in higher stability because they are less reactive to movements. 

Static Height Desk Clamp Option

Ergear Dual Monitor Stand for 13 to 32 inch, Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable Monitor Stand for 2 Monitors, Dual Monitor Mount Fits up to 17.6 lbs per Arm, EGCM1
  • Wide Compatibility Monitor Desk Mount: This dual monitor mount can hold two 13" to 32" computer screens weighing up to 17.6lb each. Compatible with 75 x 75mm and 100 x...
  • 2 Monitor Arm with More Viewing Comfort: Get a better viewing angle to improve neck, shoulder, and back comfort. The articulating arms of this dual monitor arm have a...
  • Flexible Adjustment: The dual monitor desk mount has highly adjustable arms with ±45° tilt, ±90° swivel, and 360° rotation for a wide range of screen positions and...
  • Free-Up Desk Space: The dual monitor arm raises the screens above the desktop to create more space for other things like a laptop, tablet, speakers, keyboard, and office...
Check Price on Amazon

If you want a large dual monitor mount clamp on a budget, then this one’s for you. This is a static height setup where you have to dial in your height one time during installation. Then it stays at that height until you take out the tools again. 

Part of what makes this specific version affordable is the lower weight capacity of 17.6 lbs. Many 32 inch monitors weigh under 17 lbs, so this shouldn’t be an issue. 

Stand Alone Options

Those who have any doubts in the built quality of their desktop should stay on the safe side with a stand alone dual monitor mount. 

Stand Along Static Height Option

This version is another static height setup that keeps the price tag nice and low. Each arm is advertised to hold 32 inch monitors up to 22 lbs! That’s as much as the Ergotron desk clamp mount! 

No desk clamping required here, simply mount your monitors and you’re done with the setup. 

Stand Alone Stacked Option

If you know that you want to set up one monitor on top of another, this stack specific monitor mount will benefit you. The mounts made for stacked monitors will have an easier setup and will not run into any desk depth and wall gap issues. 

Because this stacked setup doesn’t have arms, it has the highest weight rating of any other mount on this list! It can hold 32 inch monitors up to 33 lbs each! 

I don’t think many 32 inch monitors weigh that much, but it does speak to the rigidity and stability this mount will likely have. 

Wall Mount Option

WALI Dual Monitor Gas Spring Wall Mount

This monitor arm is compatible with monitors up to 32" and has a heavy-duty wall plate that can be mounted to both brick walls and wood wall studs. It can be extended 17", tilted, swiveled, and rotated from landscape to portrait mode.

Check Price on Amazon

Last up is for those looking to install a sleek dual monitor wall mount. This version is a gas spring version which makes it easy to adjust at any time. So if you have a standing desk, moving the monitors up and down won’t require any tools. 

This mount is rated for 32 inch monitors up to 20 lbs each. A solid option for a convenient wall mount.

Once you get your monitor mount, check out our guide to hiding all those monitor cables!

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