Game Changing Office Décor For Men

Making your desk and office just the way you like pays huge dividends. You actually want to be at your desk because it’s inviting and tailored exactly to you. 

In this article, we’re going to cover some office décor to make your workspace look more masculine and fitted to your style. We’re not stopping there though. We’ll also touch on some overarching office themes, mindsets, and habits that will absolutely transform your workspace. 

When reading through these office décor options, keep in mind your own personal taste and interests. This article is to inspire you and get more of your own ideas flowing to make your office space one of a kind.

4 Areas of Office Décor Men Should Consider


Artwork is for everyone as it comes in endless forms. This includes images of your favorite places on earth, pictures of important people in your life, or just motivational quotes to keep you going at your desk.

Here are some more areas of artwork that you can add to your office.

Sports Art

Do you have a favorite football team? What about a basketball team or player? Or a favorite Formula 1 driver? (McLaren for me, let’s go Lando!). 

Having sports legends in your office can inspire you and also add a nice conversational piece to your office. 

BREN Superstar Kobe Bryant Motivational Quote Black White Artwork Poster Mamba Mentality Unframe 12x18inch Canvas Wall Art Deco For Kids living Rooms Gym BREN Poster Gifts

Trends International Michael Jordan - Fly Wall Poster, 22.375" x 34", Black Framed Version

Earth Art

If you enjoy traveling and seeing the world, hang some of your favorite places. It doesn’t even have to be a place that you’ve been to, yet. It can also just be a certain ecosystem that you like, such as forests, or mountains. 

This is a great way to bring in some of the outside world within your four walls. 

Foggy Forest Framed Wall Art: Landscape Canvas Print Black & White Picture Artwork for Wall (48''W x 24''H)

Do you have any favorite national parks? There is a ton of animated national park art out there that supports a more minimalistic vibe. 

Haus and Hues National Park Framed -Set of 4 Vintage National Park Posters Set, Grand Canyon Art Framed, National Parks Gifts, Yosemite Wall Art Mountain Wall Art Mountain Posters for Walls (11x14, Fr...

Other Personal Interests

Think about your other personal interests. I guarantee there is related art for it. Do you like Astronomy? Technology? Video Games? Cars?

Here are some great examples of art in these areas. (If you like astronomy, we have a whole article on astronomy decor for you.)

HAUS AND HUES Space Wall Art - Vintage Space Posters, NASA JPL Poster, Vintage NASA Posters for Walls, Exploration Wall Art, Visions of the Future Poster, Exploration Poster UNFRAMED 12"x16"

Vintage Classics Auto 911 Patent Prints, 6 (8x10) Unframed Photos, Wall Art Decor Gifts Under 20 for Home Office Studio Garage Shop Man Cave College Student Teacher Coach F1 Racing Team Cars Coffee

Use Actual Equipment As Art

I love using actual equipment as wall art. It can be functional too! 

Do you play guitar? Surf? Snowboard? Skateboard? All of these pieces of equipment can be placed on the wall and have artistic and masculine influences on your office. 

(4X PCS) Premium Snowboard or Ski Wall Mount Hanger Military Grade Rubber for Storage Display & Rack by GHOST MOUNTS

Guitar Wall Mount Hanger Hook Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar Wall Hook Hanger Black Metal Holder Hanger for All Size Guitars

These make your equipment easily accessible and add a lot of character to an office. Not to mention it’s another great conversation starter! 

Fresh Tech

All of my friends have a decent amount of fresh tech and gadgets on their desk. As long as you don’t clutter your desk with it, it can add a super clean and functional aesthetic to your office. 

Here is some functional tech that can add to your setup. 

Phone & Watch Display Charger

First on this list of tech is a phone and watch charging stand. Having this on your desk gives you an effortless place to place your phone to charge while having the screen in sight. 

3 in 1 Charging Station for Apple Devices, PEXXUS Mag-Safe Charger Stand,15W Fast Magnetic Wireless Charger for iPhone 14 13 12 Pro/Max/Mini,AirPods Pro/3/2,iWatch 8/7/6/SE/5/4/3/2(with QC3.0 Adapter)

Having the screen pointed towards you means you can still have facetime calls, use it for spotify, and anything else. 

It will also give your phone and watch a “home” so you don’t misplace them as often. 

Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand (Older 2021 Release) for Apple Watch, iPhone Series, AirPods - Black

Smart Assistant Display

Smart assistants are a pretty nice desk accessory to have. They are basically a screen that sits on your desk that can display the time, show you weather, news, and so much more. 

Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen, 2021 release) | HD smart display with Alexa and 13 MP camera | Charcoal

You can also talk to them to set timers, make lists, set alarms. It’s a super functional and aesthetic addition to any workspace.  

EDC Catch All & Display

EDC (or Every Day Carry) is just what it sounds like. It’s all the stuff you typically have in your pockets when you leave the house. 

This could be as simple as phone/wallet/keys, or have other items like a pocket knife, multitool, etc. 

The Ridge Valet Tray for Men - Desktop Storage Organizer - 5 Compartment Valet Tray for Everyday Carry Accessories Wallet, Phone, Keys, Rings - Anti-Scratch Felt

Having a place on your desk to unload and reload your EDC is super convenient. It also helps you remember to take all the necessities before you leave the house. 

These come in a large variety of colors and materials. Choose your favorite that goes with the rest of your office. 

CASIRENA Faux Leather Valet Tray Organizer for Men - Catch-All Tray for Entryway Table Key, Wallet, Watch, Coin Change, Phone, Dresser EDC Dump Jewelry, Bedside Nightstand Desk-top Catchall Tray


Lighting is a huge part of any workspace. It doesn’t matter if you have plenty of natural light either, because once the sun goes down, you still want a usable office. 

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is a great way to fill light in areas around your office that would otherwise be dark and unappreciated. 

This type of lighting also helps reduce eye strain from staring at your computer monitor all night. I currently use two different accent lights for my desk setup, and they help with aesthetics and eye strain a TON!

I use the Govee Flow Light Bars (full review here), and a cheap LED strip that is adhered to the rear of my desk. Both spread light across the rear wall

Govee Light Bar Placement

If you don’t like the LED wall diffuse look, here are some more traditional accent light alternatives.

DEWENWILS Bedside Table Lamp, Wood Tripod Nightstand Lamp with Linen Fabric Shade, Small Bedroom Lamp for Nightstand, Nursery, Kids Room, College Dorm, Coffee Table, Bookcase-14.2 inches
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Monitor Light Bars

If you haven’t heard of monitor light bars, you are missing out. We have an article on why these are so good, and also a review of the original BenQ light bar

Basically, they take up zero desk space, and give your desk a nice beam spread with zero glare on your monitor. It’s super functional and lends itself to clean and minimalist setups. You can adjust color temperature and brightness unlike a standard desk lamp. 

Curved Monitor Light Bar (4)

I highly recommend the BenQ version as it is of higher quality and has a brighter light output compared to the copycat versions. 

BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light

This is BenQ's most affordable monitor light. It has integrated controls and the superior BenQ build quality we've come to love. It has fantastic glare blocking, light spread, brightness, and light quality.

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Other Factors For A Masculine Aesthetic

Color & Materials

If you take nothing else from this article, keep in mind color and material consistency. Nothing will tie a masculine office together more than this. 

Look at your desk and your furniture, do you see a specific color pattern? Is it just black and wood finishes everywhere? It is wood and leather tones? Find your material and color palette, and stick to it religiously! 

People think men’s desks need to be all dark and gloomy, but that’s not the case at all. It depends on your palette. You want to make your office unique to you and your style. 

Here is a great office setup example from Matthew Encina that is not dark at all. It goes after lighter colors while looking extremely clean and unique. 


We talk a lot about minimalism here. It’s a powerful concept that really makes a home office pop. It becomes a distraction free work environment, and is also cheaper to put in practice. 

BenQ ScreenBar On Monitor

It consists of only leaving out the essentials and avoiding clutter at all costs. Combining the above office décor for men with minimalism would be a powerful combination.

If you worry about being organized with minimalism, check out this article on minimalism organization.  

Dark Walls

4x FRAMED HUSTLE, FOCUS, GRIND & EXECUTE Motivational Wall Art Canvas Office Decor, Room Decor for Men, Home Office Decor, Bedroom Decor for Men 48 x 16

Dark walls are a fantastic way to change the look of your entire office. A dark wall creates a strong contrast, and helps your desk and other dark accessories blend in very well. 

Dark doesn’t necessarily mean black, but it can be any dark shade color that goes with your office. I personally like the look of a dark blue, dark green, or gray wall. Here’s a good example

Only painting one wall a dark color will do. No need to paint the entire office. In fact, only having one wall painted will give you a room with a mode dynamic personality. 

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