The Best Monitor Arms For Your Heavy Ultrawide Monitor

Ultrawide monitors have become a huge hit for both productivity and gaming enthusiasts alike. I use my 34″ ultrawide for both gaming and productivity myself!

Because of the sheer size of ultrawide monitors, the factory stands are similarly large. They can take up much more desk space than a normal monitor stand.

If you are still using your monitor with the factory stand, you have a lot to gain by replacing that stand with a monitor arm. Monitor arms give you a ton of desk space back by mounting your monitor to a small section of your desk without needing a large base.

gas spring monitor arm

Desk space is not the only benefit of monitor mounts. We have the complete list of monitor arm benefits.

When it comes to ultrawide monitors, their increased size, weight, and center of gravity means that you need to be extra careful when choosing a monitor arm.

Fortunately for you, we’ve done the work and compiled a list of the absolute best ultrawide monitor arms! Let’s get into it.

Before Shopping For a New Monitor Arm

Before you go out and buy any monitor mount, confirm the following to ensure one of the mounts on this list meets your needs.

Confirm VESA Mounting

Before you purchase a monitor arm, be sure you have VESA mounting holes. If you are unsure of what VESA mounting is, check out our article on VESA 101.

VESA mounts are square hole patterns with the dimensions of 75 x 75mm or 100 x 100mm. These holes take screws that mount directly to the internal frame of your monitor.

VESA Monitor Mounting back plate
The Back of my Dell 3417W Ultrawide Monitor

These holes were specifically designed to hold your monitor. It’s the most secure way to swap the factory stand to a monitor arm.

Take a look behind your monitor, or look up your monitor specifications to see if you have the square hole pattern on the backside. Most ultrawide monitors have VESA mounting holes.

If you don’t have VESA mounting holes, check out our article on how to mount monitors without VESA holes.

Find Your Ultrawide Monitor’s Weight

The second specification you need to look for is the weight of your ultrawide monitor. All monitor arms have a maximum weight capacity, and gas spring mounts have a minimum as well.

Ultrawide monitors are much larger and weigh more than typical monitors. Having your monitor weight in mind will ensure you can quickly confirm compatibility. We’ll talk more about what you should look for specifically.

Ideally, your manual or specifications would list the weight of your monitor without the stand. The weight of a monitor alone is much different than with the factory stand. We talk about this in our article on how much monitors weigh.

The Best Monitor Arms For Ultrawide Monitors

There are two major categories of ultrawide monitors: ultrawide monitors around 34 inches, and super large 49″ mega ultrawide monitors.

If you have one of the monster 49″ monitors, you can’t go with a mount made for 34-inch monitors, and the opposite is true. If you have a 34″ ultrawide monitor, there’s no need to spend the extra cash for a mega 49-inch stand.

For that reason, we listed these ultrawide monitor mounts by their size capacity and if they are the premium or budget version. If you have a very expensive monitor, treat your monitor arm like insurance, it’s worth protecting your purchase.

1) 49″ Premium Pick: Ergotron HX Monitor Arm

If you have a super expensive and large monitor that weighs a ton, going with an Ergotron monitor arm is a no-brainer. Though this arm is expensive, it is the most dependable monitor arm on the market, by far.

Ergotron is the only company on this list that actually has a VESA mounting certification. They are the real deal if you want to take zero chances on your expensive mega ultrawide monitor.

They have a special tilt hinge called the HD Pivot, which prides itself on being able to seamlessly tilt super deep monitors like the Odyssey G9. Sounds simple, but not all monitor arms can do this!

Premium Pick for Large Ultrawide Monitors
Ergotron HX Heavy Duty Monitor Arm

This monitor arm is compatible with large screens up to 49 inches and 42 lbs in weight. It offers full monitor motion with 11.5 inches of lift, 360 degrees of rotation, and 75 degrees of tilt for comfortable working.

  • HD Pivot tilts heavy monitors with ease
  • Clamps to desks up to 2.6" thick
  • Supports Samsung Odyssey G9
  • Comes in black or white color schemes
  • Expensive
Buy On Amazon

2) 49″ Budget Pick: VIVO UW Monitor Arm

There are a few reasons why the Ergotron HX listed above is not for everyone. First of all, the cost can be a little ridiculous at first glance. Kind of like an Apple product.

The second reason is that the Ergotron HX desk clamp only supports desks up to 2.6 inches thick. There are a bunch of desks thicker than 2.6 inches!

This VIVO Premium monitor arm can clamp desks up to 3.3 inches thick! Many users successfully use this monitor arm with the Odyssey G9, however, they do agree that the tilt mechanism is subpar.

Overall this is great for the budget-conscious folk or those with thicker desks.

Budget Friendly Pick for Large Monitors
VIVO Ultrawide Monitor Arm

Vivo is a well-known Amazon brand that makes all kinds of workspace products. They created this budget-friendly mount that works with heavy monitors up to 44 lbs in weight!

  • Budget friendly
  • Clamps on desks up to 3.3" thick
  • Supports Odyssey G9
  • Tilting not as great as Ergotron HD Pivot
  • Only comes in black
Buy On Amazon

3) 34″ Premium Pick: Ergotron LX Monitor Arm

If you have a 34″ monitor and want the Ergotron quality, go for their LX monitor arm. This has all the qualities of Ergotron at around half the price of the HX monitor arm.

This monitor arm also comes in three colors, which you won’t see other brands offer. Ergotron also made this monitor arm compatible with LX extensions which can increase the reach of these monitor arms.

We list this as a great bed monitor mount due to the added reach you can get with the added extensions.

Premium Pick for 34" Ultrawide Monitors
Ergotron LX Single Monitor Arm

Ergotron is the go-to monitor mount for those with expensive monitors or anyone who wants the best monitor mount money can buy. This mount fits single screens up to 34 inches diagonal and between 7 to 25 pounds.

  • Comes in three colors to match your workspace
  • Clamps desks up to 2.4 inches thick
  • Can be used with LX Extension for more reach
  • Expensive
Check Price on Amazon

4) 34″ Budget Pick: Huanuo UW Monitor Arm

This Huanuo monitor arm solves the same issues as the previous Ergotron monitor arm. It comes at less than half the cost and can support a much larger range of desk thicknesses.

Another feature you get with this monitor arm is an integrated USB cable. This lets you plug in flash drives or charge a phone right at the base of your monitor arm!

If you’re on a budget with a 34″ ultrawide monitor, this Huanuo is a pretty hard value to beat.

Budget Friendly Pick for 34" Monitors
HUANUO Ultrawide Monitor Arm

This HUANUO gas spring monitor arm can support monitors up to 35 diagonal inches and up to 26.4 lbs in weight. It also comes with a USB-integrated clamp base for easy connectivity.

  • Clamps on desks up to 3.54 inches thick
  • Comes with USB integrated base
  • More affordable than Ergotron
  • Weak cable management
  • Only comes in black
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Factors To Consider with Monitor Arms For Ultrawide Monitors

Here are the specifics you should look for when shopping for a monitor arm for your ultrawide monitor.

Ultrawide Curved Monitor Support

If you have a curved ultrawide monitor, be sure the monitor arm you purchase specifically mentions curved ultrawide monitor support.

Just because the listed weight capacity can support your monitor’s weight doesn’t mean it will work with an ultrawide curved monitor. This is something most people miss when it comes to how curved monitors are different.

In the graphic above, you can see why curved ultrawide monitors will need a stronger hinge than a normal monitor. A hinge does not have to hold as much weight if the center of mass is close to it.

Curved monitors bring the center of mass further from the hinge. The result is a lot more force is being placed on the tilting hinge.

A good analogy is if you hold a weight close to your body vs. holding a weight further away with your arm extended. The further the weight is from you, the harder it is on your shoulder.

Monitor arm manufacturers know that it takes a stronger tilting hinge to support large curved monitors, so they beef up the tilting hinge. Make sure whatever monitor mount you purchase advertises ultrawide curved monitor support!

If you don’t you will have the problem of your monitor sagging on your monitor arm.

Monitor Weight Capacity

This one is more straightforward. Know the weight of your monitor without the factory stand.

My general rule of thumb is to aim for a few pounds under the maximum weight capacity of the monitor arm. If my monitor weighs 15 lbs, I’ll aim for a 20-25 lbs maximum weight.

I’ve had bad experiences with using a monitor mount at the limit of the operating weight. The last time I used a monitor at a mount’s weight limit, the tilt hinge had to be tightened down extremely tight or the monitor would keep tilting downward.

I was tightening the hinge bolt so tight that I thought I would strip the hex screw head. That’s not a good experience when installing a brand-new arm to support your precious monitor.

For that reason, I am always conservatively under the weight limit of the monitor arm I purchase.

Installation Method & Capacity

Before purchasing a monitor arm, think about where it will mount on your desk. Most monitor arms can clamp to your desk.

Ensure you have a desk thickness that falls within the monitor arm’s desk clamp range. Most clamps can support desks up to 2-2.5 inches thick.

Monitor Arm Clamp

If you have a desk that is thicker than this, check out our article on how to use monitor arms with thick desks. On the other hand, if you have a desk that is on the weaker side based on its material or construction, check out our article on mounting monitor arms to thin and weak desks.

Another common mounting option for monitor arms is using an existing grommet hole on your desk. Many of the desk clamps also come with hardware to mount the same clamp via the grommet hole.

If for some reason you can’t mount the arm to your desk, I highly recommend considering a wall-mounted monitor arm like the one shown below.

HUANUO Ultrawide Gas Spring Monitor Wall Mount

This monitor arm fits 22 to 35-inch monitors and has a VESA extension for wider compatibility. It can be folded against the wall when not in use and has built-in cable management routing. It's fully adjustable with a gas spring for easy angle or height adjustment with a single hand.

Check Price on Amazon

Gas Spring vs Fixed Height

There are two main types of monitor arms: gas spring arms and fixed height arms. Gas spring arms are typically my recommendation. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Fixed-height monitor arms are just metal components linked together that can hold your monitor. They are very simple and get the job done at a slightly lower price.

VESA monitor mount
Fixed height monitor mount.

If you want to adjust the height of your monitor, you need to use the wrench that came with your mount and adjust the height this way. It is not very friendly for those that frequently adjust their monitor position vertically.

Gas spring mounts have an internal spring that supports the weight of your monitor without being fixed in place. This means you can move your monitor on the fly without any tools.

monitor without sag at desk with gas spring monitor mount

I recommend gas spring mounts because it’s very easy to dial in the perfect monitor height right out of the box.

Ultrawide monitors are also heavier than normal monitors. Having the gas spring support the ultrawide monitor helps you adjust it with very little force.

Adjustment Range

Think about your specific desk setup and what adjustment range you would want from your monitor arm. Every monitor arm has a different total height range and total reach.

If you need a monitor arm because your factory stand does not go high enough, specifically look at the max height of the monitor arm.

Desk with a vertically mounted monitor (1)

Many monitor arms also have swivel and tilt limits. Keep all of your range requirements in mind when shopping for that ultrawide monitor arm.

Cable Management Options

Most monitor arms come with cable management features built in. The lower-end monitor arms will have pretty weak cable management capabilities.

Especially considering that monitors these days can have a ton of cables connected. For example, I have seven cables connected to my monitor, which needs a lot of cable management.

I have a power cable connected, two display cables, an aux cable, and three USB cables. This is a large bunch of cables that need to be routed without looking like a mess.

My monitor arm’s cable management features are subpar. It is only capable of hiding small and flexible cables. I followed the process covered in our monitor cable management article, and now I barely ever see any cables.

hide monitor cables (5)
Cable management behind my Dell Ultrawide monitor.

Don’t be bummed if the integrated cable management features can’t support your cable bunch. After I figured out how to hide monitor cables due to my cheap monitor arm, cable management features are no longer as important to me.

Prepare Yourself For Ultrawide Monitor Arm Costs

Ultrawide monitor arms will cost more money. They need to support more weight, they have to be more stiff to support the further center of mass that we touched on earlier.

Wide monitors have a lot more leverage on a monitor arm than normal monitors. This is why most monitor arms for ultrawide monitors will be pretty expensive.

Think about your monitor arm as an investment. After all, ultrawide monitors are not cheap. Some ultrawide monitors can cost $2000!

Having a quality monitor mount is key to protecting your investment and will also result in a much better user experience.

You wouldn’t want to swap your car’s wheels for the cheapest possible alternative. You quickly find where costs were cut as you use bare minimum products.

Benefits of Monitor Arms On Ultrawide Monitors

Let’s do a quick recap on the benefits of monitor arms. Here are the reasons you and your ultrawide monitor can benefit from one.

Get Back Serious Desk Space

Due to the increased size of ultrawide monitors, the factory stands have to be larger as well to keep that monitor stable. This is especially true for curved ultrawide monitors as they are deeper as well as wider.

Replacing your factory monitor stand with one that uses a small clamp gives you back a ton of space! Look at how much room my current monitor arm takes on my desk. It only takes up a small square of space!

Alex Drawer Setup

Perfect Ultrawide Monitor Placement

Factory monitor stands have a very clear limit of adjustability. Some can only tilt up and down!

When you switch to a monitor arm, you give yourself a much larger range of freedom for positioning your monitor. That means you can place it in the perfect spot for peak ergonomics.

If you’re not sure how to best position your monitor, check out our article on dialing in the proper ergonomic monitor height.

Ultrawide Monitors Look Better on Monitor Arms

Aesthetics is always on the mind of anyone looking to add to their desk setup. Monitors on monitor arms just look better on desks!

no cables under desk

That is unless your monitor comes with a super cool stand. The factory stands never impressed me from an aesthetic perspective though.

The aesthetic boost is why I recommend monitor arms in many articles like our ultimate guide to minimal gaming desk setups.

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