9 Benefits of L-Shaped Corner Floating Desks

Floating desks alone are a very clean and aesthetically pleasing category of desks. They are attached directly to the wall and look like they are actually part of the house!

The same can be said for L-shaped, or corner desks. They fill in a corner fully and give you a ton of space to work with. A great solution for those with larger desk setups.

Combine the two different types of desks and you have yourself a highly functional floating L-shaped desk. You automatically get the benefits of both corner L-shaped desks and floating desks.

Today we’re going to talk about all the benefits that L-shaped floating desks can offer so you can see if they are a good fit for you. Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • Floating L-shaped desks give you a huge working area that gives an organic built-in look.
  • The main benefits are boosted aesthetics, increased floor space & desk space, custom desk height for perfect ergonomics, increased leg room, and more.

1) Aesthetic

First up is aesthetics. This is what first drew me into floating desks. Floating L-shaped desks have the same good looks, just over a larger area. 

Floating desks are attached and merged with your home, and don’t just look like any other desk. They are wall mounted and have no extending legs. 

Extending legs make a table look like a very ‘cookie-cutter’ solution. Normal tables look like they can just be moved here and there, with no real designated space. 

A floating corner table actually looks like it belongs in a corner of your room. A built-in solution that makes all the installation efforts pay off. 

I like to compare this to recessed lighting or a wall-mounted TV. Once installed, they look like they belong and appear to be ‘floating’ on your wall.

2) More Desk Space

The second most important feature of L-shaped desks might be an obvious one. Way more space. 

I love a large desk. It lets me have so much freedom in what I can have in front of me. My current desk is 60 x 30, which is decent, but I am always looking forward to more desk space.

Not only do we have more desk space, but we also make use of a corner of our room. Rarely do room corners offer a usable workspace surface. 

Instead of an awkward corner space that’s not well utilized, you can make full use of it. A monitor can be placed deep into that corner so you have wide open desk space for your keyboard, mouse, notepad, and anything else. 

That corner real estate can be used for so much more. A large plant to bring in some color, a desk lamp that has a large base like the BenQ E-Reading Lamp, and so on. 

On a normal desk, those items would take up a large amount of usable surface space. Your hands really have to stretch to get to that deep corner of a desk. That means this area is perfect for items you like to have on your desk but don’t touch very often. Such as a monitor or plants as we discussed. 

Coleshome 66" L Shaped Gaming Desk, Corner Computer Desk, Sturdy Home Office Computer Table, Writing Desk, Larger Gaming Desk Workstation, Black

More desk space means you can have more monitors for productivity. More books to show off your reading list. You can have room for gadgets like smart clocks and laptop stands. 

All these items take up a significant amount of desk space. An L-shaped floating desk gives you more real estate to have those items and not make a desk look crowded. Corner desks can open up your space significantly!

3) More Floor Space

Floating desks are ‘floating’ because they have no legs. What does that mean for you? 

Well, first of all, your legs and your chair literally have nothing to collide with. You have a free open space under your desk. 

With the L-shaped floating desk, you have a larger desk that still requires no legs. It feels like we’re cheating somehow. This many benefits for an L-shaped desk seem too good to be true, and we’re not even halfway done!

More floor space gives you freedom for your lower body when working. Not only that, but you have space to put other furniture here as well. 

Normal desks stop you from adding furniture under the desk as it would interfere with the legs. That is no longer a problem with a floating desk. 

You are free to add a small bookshelf, a printer stand, some organizational drawers, or anything you need!

Even a floor lamp would stand out more with a floating desk, as the legs would not be competing with the desk legs. Floating desks are great for a minimal look. The amount of chair freedom along with furniture freedom has increased significantly. 

4) Easy Floor Cleaning

Another benefit of having more floor space is the ease of cleaning. 

Floating L-shaped desks are larger due to their increased surface area that includes the corner. A normal L-shaped desk would have large legs or wooden panels that support the desk. 

Those support structures can be a pretty big annoyance when trying to clean your floor effectively. 

You would have to roughly vacuum. Your vacuum probably wouldn’t fit between your desk legs sideways without colliding. You have to use the vacuum’s detail hose so you can get the dirt that collects by the feet. 

It can be a problem of the past. All that goes away with a floating corner desk. It is wall mounted and does not have anything extending to the floor. Simply vacuum or sweep your wide-open floor space. 

5) Cheaper Solution

Some floating L-shaped desks are much cheaper than a typical L-shaped desk. This is because a floating desk does not need any legs or support structures to keep the desk up. 

We trade all that leg material out for some simple wall stud mounting hardware. That mounting hardware is much smaller, cheaper, and mass-produced. 

SEI Furniture Flynn Floating Wall Mount Corner Desk - Storage Cubbies - Pure White Finish

Therefore, we can save a lot of money. Some floating L-shaped desks are simply corner-shaped chunks of wood with some brackets. That’s a much cheaper item cost than a similar L-shaped table with large strong legs to support the wood surface. 

Not only do you get a ton more benefits with an L-shaped floating desk. You get them at a cheaper cost!

6) Better Ergonomics

A normal table comes with standard table leg heights. Once you buy the desk you are stuck with that desk’s table height for the rest of that desk’s life. Unless you make some serious modifications, that is. 

With floating desks of any shape, you can perfect the desk height so it works for you.  

This is a feature very unique to floating desks. You can literally get a specific height down to the millimeter when just buying an off-the-shelf floating desk. 

If you have long legs, you can install the desk high. If you want a floating desk for your kids, install it low. 

You can uninstall and reinstall desks as many times as you need as long as you have a proper mount to a wall stud. Just be sure to patch up those holes as you go. 

Custom Desk Height = Better Ergonomics

A custom desk height can be critical to desk ergonomics. If you want to know what height your floating desk height should be, check out this awesome desk height calculator

Most people adjust their chair height for proper desk and typing ergonomics. This has some drawbacks. 

When normal desks are too high, your chair has to go up and your feet might not even touch the floor. What if your chair doesn’t even reach the height you need?

You can easily be stuck with a poor ergonomic setup when you are only relying on your chair. 

No longer will we be at the mercy of our chairs with floating desks! You can simply use the desk height calculator I linked to above, and install your floating desk at that height!

Dialing in your desk height for a good ergonomic fit means you will be able to work longer and more comfortably. Ergonomics is a key point in our article on desk setups of productivity.

7) More Leg Room

Legroom is always a welcome benefit. Do you really want your desk to feel like you’re sitting in a packed airplane?

A floating desk with no legs means your legs have tons of breathing room. A floating L-shaped desk means you will have a huge corner of uninterrupted leg space. 

You can more easily fit under-desk accessories for your legs. This includes balance boards, footrests, and much more. 

I use the one below:

CushZone Under Desk Foot Rest

8) More Desk Layouts

A large floating L-shaped desk gives you maximum freedom for possible desk layouts. 

You can have dual monitors on one side and a bookshelf on the other. If you love monitors you can even have a desk with 3 widescreen monitors. 

The possibilities here are really up to your imagination. Laptop on one side, desktop on the other. Computer on one side, a TV with a gaming console on the other. 

You basically have two desks that are merged at the corner of your room. Think about what you could do with two desks next to each other! Lots of space to use for lots of applications. 

If you are looking for some great L-shaped desk layouts, check out this article for great recommendations.

9) Convenience Powerhouse For Multitaskers

The last benefit on our list is for those productivity monsters out there. If you are a big-time multitasker, an L-shaped desk might be exactly what you need. 

An L-shaped floating desk isn’t just a large desk. A typical large desk is just a long desk. Long desks mean you have to roll yourself from one side to the other if you want to use the entire desk. 

L-shaped desks are much better for efficiency. Because they hug the corner of your wall, you are sitting right in front of both sides of the desk. They wrap around you. 

When looking directly at the corner of an L-shaped desk, you have usable desk space to your right, and the same on your left. You don’t even have to move your chair! Maybe a little rotation and rolling, but not much at all.

L-shaped desks will always beat a straight desk that has the same surface area in terms of convenience. You have better access to the entire desk while being in one place. 

Hardcore multitaskers can place their duties on either side of the desk. Those tasks are doable from sitting in the same spot. If you are a heavy multitasker, you owe it to yourself to try out an L-shaped desk. 

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