A Closer Look at HEXCAL: Premium Desk Setup Refinement

If you’re a desk setup enthusiast like myself, you already know the importance of an inviting and functional workspace.

Optimizing your workspace for productivity and even aesthetics is critical. You can get more done, and you can actually enjoy spending those long hours at your desk.

Fortunately for us, there are companies out there who understand the importance of a proper workspace and are actively making next-level solutions for refining your desk setup.

Meet The HEXCAL Brand

If you’ve ever seen a futuristic-looking desk shelf that has an integrated LED strip, you’ve already seen one of the most popular HEXCAL products, the HEXCAL Studio.

HEXCAL was founded back in 2015 in the UK by a group of scientists, engineers, and architects. The team at HEXCAL set out with the goal of making next-level products that promote productivity, efficiency, cleanliness, and organization.

Basically, an overall upgrade of the common workspace.

HEXCAL knows that boosting your desk setup productivity can compound over time and have big returns. After all, we spend a large chunk of our days working at our desks.

Being more productive every day means you can get more done in less time. If a product can give you more time, it becomes pretty invaluable.

They strive for a brand identity similar to Apple, Dyson & Tesla with a very cohesive lineup of products that are very polished and unique.

HEXCAL has user stories from real professionals who touch on how products like the HEXCAL studio are leveling up their workflow. You can learn more about HEXCAL’s current goals, design philosophy, and environmental responsibility here.

Exploring the HEXCAL Collection

As you browse the collection, you can immediately tell that HEXCAL places a big emphasis on visual design which really makes them stand out. Here are are core products in their workspace collection.

Hexcal Studio

By far their most unique and popular product is the HEXCAL studio. It’s safe to say that there is no desk shelf out there that comes close to the capabilities of the Studio.

This workspace centerpiece boasts lighting, a large concealed cable management compartment, an integrated power strip, wireless charging, and powered USB ports.

Instead of needing to purchase a power strip, a desk light, a cable management tray, a wireless charger, a USB power hub, and a desk shelf separately, you get it all in the HEXCAL Studio.

The result is a clean single cable exiting your desk setup with a ton of functionality readily available.

A single power cable setup is particularly important for standing desks. Standing desks need to move up and down without snagging any cables.

This brings us to the next item in the collection, the HEXCAL Elevate.

Hexcal Elevate

The HEXCAL Elevate Standing Desk is one of the most recent HEXCAL products. This desk has very competitive specs compared to brands such as UpLift and Flexispot.

Here are the standout features of the HEXCAL Elevate:

  • Three desk sizes to choose from (55″x28″, 63″x32″, 71″x32″)
  • 24.4 – 50″ Height range (lower than the UpLift V2 & Flexispot C-Frame)
  • 350 lbs total weight capacity
  • Quiet 40 dB operating noise level (quieter than the Uplift V2’s 50dB)
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Bluetooth compatible with phone app

The core of the HEXCAL Elevate comes from the Danish company LINAK which has been making linear actuators since 1985! This gives you a strong foundation you can trust.

Hexcal Monitor Arm

The HEXCAL Single Monitor Arm is another recent release from HEXCAL, inching them closer to providing a complete workspace solution.

This monitor arm is a simple and sleek upgrade to any monitor’s factory stand. I constantly recommend users upgrade their monitor stand to a monitor arm as this gives you a ton of desk space back.

The HEXCAL monitor arm has a noticeably larger range of motion than other monitor arms with a full arm extension at 19 inches! HEXCAL made sure this monitor arm can support a variety of monitors.

You can mount most monitors under 35″ which includes ultrawide curved monitors! The max weight capacity of 24.2 lbs means most monitors under 35″ will be compatible.

This monitor arm comes with the essentials like high-capacity cable management routing and a desk clamp that works with desks up to 3.2 inches thick!

Hexcal Desk Mat Bundle

The final piece of HEXCAL’s workspace collection is their desk mat bundle. This is a combo desk mat and wrist cushion that completes the accessories collection.

The vegan leather desk mat bundle has a few standout features.

First, the desk mat is a rigid design and it ships completely flat. That means zero desk mat wrinkles from shipping and no waiting for your mat to uncurl after receiving it. Right when you unbox it, you’re ready to go.

There are also integrated magnets within the desk mat and the wrist cushion. This keeps the two items of the bundle held together closely.

Lastly, the base of the 80 x 40cm desk mat has a textured anti-slip surface that keeps the desk mat firmly in place.

Adding this clean black desk mat bundle can elevate any desk setup and provide your wrists with some much-needed cushioning. This allows you to work longer and more comfortably.

Who Is HEXCAL For?

The HEXCAL workspace collection is made for anyone looking to elevate their setup with more premium products. You do pay a higher price, however, they offer more functionality as a result.

Starting with the HEXCAL Studio, it’s clear that HEXCAL is bringing new types of products to market to elevate workspaces. New perspectives and solutions that can improve workspaces are necessary for the evolution of the modern desk setup.

Their goals of increasing productivity and optimizing workspaces mirror those of most of us desk setup enthusiasts. With that being said, you can check out HEXCAL’s entire collection here.

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