The Best Headphone Stand 3D Prints You Can Use Today

If you have a 3D printer or at least have access to one, it’s always a good day when you make a functional print. (Shoutout to one of my favorite subreddits: r/functionalprint).

Though there are a ton of functional prints possible with your desk setup, we’re going to focus specifically on headphone and headset stands. They are a very worthy and functional 3D print!

Headphone Stand

The prints we are going to cover are free STL files that other people or companies have created. That means you can go to the links in this article and download the print files right away.

Our main resources here are & They have a huge selection of user-generated 3D prints, and they definitely cover the headphone stands.

Types of Headphone & Headset Stands

There are two main types of headphone stands out there. The first is a headphone stand that sits on top of your desk. The second is a hook type that hangs your headphones underneath your desk.

Both of these are great solutions for keeping your headphones in a convenient place.

Stands that sit on your desk are pretty much a display piece. If you like the idea of showing off your headphones, that’s the route to go. The same is true if you want to show off your unique 3D-printed stand!

Knox Gear Aluminum Headset Stand - Gaming Headphone Stand for Desk with Solid Base Mount - Gamer Head Phone Hanger Hook - Fits AirPods Max, Beats, Turtle Beach, Bose, Wireless PS4 and Xbox Headphones

If you like saving desk space, the under-desk hooks are definitely the way to go.

The other benefit of under-desk headphone stands is that they protect your headphones from some dust build-up. A minor feature, but still one worth mentioning. 

Now let’s get into some headphone stands that you can 3D print today! 

The Best 3D Printable Headphone Holders

Our selection below focused on simpler prints that don’t need a ton of supports and don’t require you to visit a hardware store to assemble them. There are a ton of options out there, so we focused on a small selection of each category that was worth mentioning.

3D Printable Desktop Headphone Stands

1) MakerBot Headphone Stand

This headphone stand is one of the most popular on the internet right now. It’s for good reason too. 

First, it is a very attractive design that makes me think an industrial designer put this together. 

It is a super simple one-piece 3D print that doesn’t require supports or any building process. Simply print and enjoy! 

You can also scale this 3D print to be a perfect match for your headphones. 

2) Organic Shape Themed Headphone Stand

If one of these headphone stands could win an award for best modern art contender, it’s this one. 

This very clean three-piece design looks like strips of sheet metal put together artistically. A chrome finish paint would make this print extremely unique. 

In an attempt to keep the shape very uninterrupted, there are no screws that secure these parts together. 

The creator recommends gluing these three parts together with cyanoacrylate. Fortunately, headphones don’t weigh much, so this will function very well once the glue has cured. 

3) Omega Shape Headphone Stand

This is another super simple headphone design. It’s in the shape of the Greek symbol omega: Ω

This shape is perfect for headphones as they have a wide top to support the headband of headphones. But then they taper down to help your headphones relax in position and keep their tension. 

If you have a large enough printer, you can print this in one piece. This specific print is a two-piece design. Very convenient if you have a smaller format printer. 

4) Backlit Headphone Stand

This is another two-piece headphone stand. The shape and design of the part are interesting enough that actually looks fine without headphones too.

A sweet feature that the creator added to this design is an LED strip so you can actually light up the center column that holds your headphones! Super unique!

3D Printable Hanging Headphone Hooks

Check out this contest by Linus Tech Tips where he tests out a bunch of mounted headset holder designs:

1) Leaf Spring Headphone Hook

This first hook is pretty creative. It is a single-piece design that requires supports. 

It’s a hook that is made to slide onto the table edge. There is an integrated leaf spring at the center that constantly pushes up against the inside of your desk. 

This is a clever addition that keeps your hook in place as you grab and replace your headphones. 

2) Fixed Headphone Hook

If you really want a low-key solution, and don’t like when you can see a 3D print on your desk ledge, you’ll like this print. 

You can attach this hook anywhere you’d like under your desk. It’s hidden away and keeps your headphones protected from dust. 

This does require you to either drill into your desk or use strong double-sided tape. I’ve had a lot of success double-side-taping things underneath my desk. I would recommend the following 3M tape:

3M Double Sided Heavy Duty Tape

Strong double-sided mounting tape, holds up to 3 Ibs per 2 inches. This industrial-strength foam tape is easy to install, just peel off the tape and stick it to the surface of the object. It bonds quickly and securely when it’s fully compressed. No drilling, no screwing, no heating.

Check Price on Amazon

Just be sure you clean both surfaces that will be in contact with the tape beforehand for the most strength. Also, add some firm compression when installed. 

Command strips are also a good idea as some promise to hold a surprising amount of weight. Headphones don’t weigh a ton, so this would work well.

3) Screw Clamp Headphone Hook

The last one on this list is probably the most adaptable of all the hook options. 

This headphone stand slides onto one edge of your desk and actually has an integrated screw clamp! That means this will work on a much larger range of desks. 

If you have a thin desktop or a thick desktop, this will work as long as it’s in the clamping range. 

Unlike the leaf spring option, this will work on different thicknesses with a similar holding force. Screw clamps can generate a ton of clamping force so this will be a nice and sturdy solution. 

4) Wall Mountable Headphone Support

If you want to mount your headphone on any vertical surface, use this wall-mounted 3d print.

This can be mounted easily with command strips for a nonpermanent solution. If you like this placement and have no plans on changing it, you can drill this mount in place.

When drilled, you have a very sturdy headphone stand. It also has a front lip so you can’t accidentally knock your headphones off.

Why Headphone Stands Are A Worthy 3D Print

If you’re not completely convinced as to why you should print a headphone stand, let me try to convince you. There are two major advantages of a headphone stand that make it worth printing. 

Easy Headphone Access

The first and foremost advantage is access. I use headphones every single day. It helps me keep the world out and maintain a strong focus on my work. 

If you’re wondering, I use the Sony XM4 headphones. They are terrific noise-canceling headphones. This helps keep the world out. 

Having my headphones right in front of me at all times makes sure I don’t have to spend any time looking for them. Any item that you use often enough needs easy access. 

You spend less time looking for things and you are just more efficient. That’s why we have so many organization-focused articles. Here are a few:

Desk Aesthetics

The second reason I would highly recommend a 3D-printed headphone stand is for the aesthetics.

I love showing off my headphones. Some 3D-printed designs are super unique and clean as well. Showing both of them off reminds me how awesome 3D printing is and makes me want to print even more.

Details like a nice headphone stand can contribute to an overall good-looking workspace. I recommend checking out Reddit’s subreddit r/workspaces. They have a lot of user-submitted images of their workspaces. 

You’ll notice many of them have a great headphone stand.

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