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An organized desk lets you spend less time finding, and more time doing. Not to mention, it is just more inviting to work in an organized space. It’s a key point in our Ultimate Guide To Productive Desk Setups article.

Pegboards have been gaining a ton of popularity for good reason. They have a lot of benefits for those wanting to get more organized. Not everyone has a desk with drawers, but you might have some wall space. (check out our in-depth article on organizing desks without drawers.)

If you need organizational help and have a free wall, pegboards and similar desk grid board organizers, are the perfect solution.

Today we’re going to talk about why these pegboard organizers are worth it, and the few brands that really stand out in this category. 

Key Takeaways

  • The IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard organizer is the best solution here as they are very presentable and polished while having the largest selection of grid attachments.
  • The major benefits of a wall-mounted pegboard at your desk are the visibility, aesthetics, customization, and most of all, the overall highly organizable features.

Pegboard Organizer Desk Setup Ideas

If you need some desk setup inspiration and ideas of what a pegboard accessory can look like, check out the images below. These are submissions from Reddit users proudly showing off the pegboard’s usefulness.

I’ve placed more setups from Redditors throughout the article, be sure to check those out as well!

Benefits of Pegboard & Grid Wall Organizers

1) Visibility

First up, is visibility. Anything you choose to move onto a wall-mounted organizer will be immediately more visible. 

Having frequently used items visible at all times means you can simply glance at your wall and find what you’re looking for. You can put any small-ish items in these wall organizers. From pens and cables to books and keyboards. 

Having everything wall-mounted makes finding and storing things much simpler. All of your items have a home on the organizer which makes it easy to actually stay organized. It is also easier to know what is missing at a mere glance. 

No longer do you have to scan through drawers to find what you are looking for. A quick glance at your wall-mounted pegboard, and you see what you need. 

Organizers in plain sight make life simpler and more efficient. On a related note, check out our article on desktop all-in-one organizers.

2) Aesthetics

Some may argue that having all of your frequently used items mounted on a wall may be unappealing. However, the grid organizers we are going to cover are actually very aesthetically appealing. 

You can also be sure to store items on your organizer that are beautifully designed. If you have a clean-looking pair of headphones, a nice set of fountain pens, or just a book with an interesting cover, showing those off adds to the aesthetic of a wall organizer. 

Keepo Pegboard Combination Kit, 4 Pegboards and 14 Accessories Modular Hanging for Wall Organizer, Crafts Organization, Ornaments Display, Nursery Storage, 22" x 22", Black| Peg Board

A pegboard organizer lets you present your items that deserve more attention while organizing them at the same time.

All of us have some items that are just too good-looking to be hidden in a drawer. Keep those items on a grid wall organizer. You will get to show off what you love and have it easy to access at all times. 

3) Customizability

Pegboards are simply a large grid of attachment points or holes. This grid lets you place anything anywhere you want. A fully customizable solution! 

I love when products are customizable. Even though millions of people have the same product, each will still look different. Your layout and the items you place will be completely unique to you.

You can choose how simple or crowded your organizer is. If you are a gamer, you can put your keyboards, controllers, and headphones in a specific layout. Have lots of electronics? You can organize cables, power banks, and batteries in any way you please. 

If you have a ton of batteries, check out our ultimate guide to battery organization.

The possibilities and applications are literally endless. This is a great way to organize your space as well as make a custom layout specific to your needs and workflow. 

4) More Space Elsewhere

Whenever you take something and place it on a wall organizer, something magical happens. You make room elsewhere! 

If you have a drawer full of pens and move those to your wall organizer, you now have a roomy drawer! 

Socalsunny Pegboard Wall Organizer Kit 4 Boards 14 Piece Accessories Combination Hanging Peg Board Wall for Home Office | 22"x22" White Pegs for Hanging

Making room elsewhere by using more vertical space is a win-win. Especially with the fact that clean pegboards can make our desks more attractive. 

Think about what you could realistically mount on a grid wall organizer and what space that would save. You can either fill that space in with other useful items or get rid of it entirely! 

This would greatly help those who like a minimal desk setup. You free up a ton of space on your desk when you move stuff to pegboard storage. We touch on this in our article on the Ultimate Guide To Getting A Minimal Desk Setup.

Our Recommendations

Now that we talked your heads off about why these grid wall organizers can be real game changers, let’s talk recommendations. 

Keepo Pegboard Combination Kit, 4 Pegboards and 14 Accessories Modular Hanging for Wall Organizer, Crafts Organization, Ornaments Display, Nursery Storage, 22"x22", Yellow| Peg Board

There is one main solution by a popular brand you probably already know. And the other is an alternative that is pretty competitive as well. 


This is by far the most popular pegboard grid wall organizer on the market. IKEA really knows how to go after a great look at reasonable costs. 

IKEA also has the most optional accessories available for this pegboard organizer. That means you have more choices on what you can attach to the peg board to organize your gear!

Let’s touch on all the items they have available for their grid organizer:

That is a lot of options! This is great for us as the consumer because the customization possibilities is through the roof. 

Not to mention that they also have pegboards in three colors: white, wood-finished, and a dark gray gamer-specific version. Oh, I almost forgot. They also come in a bunch of different sizes so you can choose exactly what fits your wall space. 

As you can tell, IKEA really hit it out of the park with this grid organizer and its offerings. That’s why this takes the number one spot on this list.  

Keep in mind, I am not an affiliate or anything of IKEA. I just really like a lot of their stuff. 

If you are overwhelmed by the optional accessories, and just want an all-in-one kit, IKEA offers those as well. They are called “Pegboard Combinations” on the IKEA website. 

These kits are pre-grouped packages with a pegboard and some of their popular add-ons. This is a great place to start. If you feel that you need more of any single accessory, you can simply just buy exactly what you need. 

2) Target Modular Organization System

Now that we are done with IKEA, our standards admittedly have to drop a little. No other brand comes close to the modularity and options of IKEA. With that out of the way, Target offers a respectable wall organizer system.

They simply call it the “Modular Organization System Pegboard”. This is a very simplified wall organizer for those that don’t really need what IKEA has to offer. 

This grid pegboard comes with four wooden pegs that can act as hooks, two shelves, and a large basket. That’s it!

Though this is simpler, all items can be moved around in any orientation. So the customization options are alive and well here, even with just a few attachments. 

If you are really up for it, you can design your own attachments using wooden dowels! If you want a larger peg board wall, these boards have no defined border and can sit next to each other. This means you’re able to create a much larger pegboard! 

3) Amazon PegBoard 

This last item is pretty much an aftermarket IKEA Skadis grid wall organizer. The grid attachments included with the board are almost identical to the IKEA version.

Keepo Pegboard Combination Kit, 4 Pegboards and 14 Accessories Modular Hanging for Wall Organizer, Crafts Organization, Ornaments Display, Nursery Storage, 22" x 22", Black| Peg Board
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Check Price on Amazon

This specific listing on Amazon is unique as it comes with four individual pegboards that can be combined or left separate. 

That means you can make one long peg board by stacking them all in a row, make a large square pegboard, or have small square peg boards spaced out. If you have multiple areas that could use a small pegboard, this provides great value. 

This kit comes with four 11 x 11-inch grid boards, 2x long hooks, 2x small containers, 2x shelves, 2x clips, 5x normal hooks, and one letter holder. 

That’s a good amount of parts to get started. If the grid size matches, you can actually go to IKEA to get spare parts or other items you want to attach to your pegboard. 

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