How To Choose The Best Dual Monitor Standing Desk Converter

Not everyone has the need nor the ability to change their entire desk to an adjustable-height standing desk. If you don’t want to get rid of your current desk, a standing desk converter might be the next best thing. 

Does this mean you have to get rid of your dual monitor setup? Not at all! 

SHW 36-Inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to Stand Riser Converter Workstation, Black

I actually would prefer a dual monitor seated desk compared to a single monitor standing desk. The productivity increase is that valuable. That’s why you’re here!  

We also have guides on standing desks for triple monitor setups! And yes, we do have a guide on getting a clean four-monitor setup as well.

Today we’re going to talk about standing desk converters that can actually handle a dual monitor setup. Keep your current desk and keep the dual monitor game going strong! 

What To Look For

Before we talk about the recommendations, let’s talk about what you have to look for before splurging on a sit stand desk converter. We’re going to put an emphasis on what is specifically required for a dual monitor desk converter setup. 

Weight Capacity

With two monitors, you will have more weight than most people who are just using a laptop or a single monitor. This should be your first consideration. 

If you’re wondering what monitors weigh, check out our latest article where we cover the weight of different types of monitors

To summarize that article, here is the weight of the average monitor by size. These values include the weight of the original stand. 

  • 24″ Monitor – 11.30 lbs
  • 27″ Monitor – 15.20 lbs
  • 32″ Monitor – 18.6 lbs
  • 34″ UW Monitor – 20.8 lbs. 

An easy way to get the weight of your own monitor without standing on a scale with it is to just look up your model number. The weight is typically listed in the specifications on the product page.

Find the weight of both of your monitors, but don’t stop there. Finding a desk that can only support your monitors is not enough. 

You need some weight capacity leftover for other items, such as your laptop, speakers, keyboard, mouse, etc. To be safe, find the weight of your heaviest items that you plan to have on the table, such as a laptop or speakers.

Small things like a keyboard and mouse will be a very minimal weight addition in comparison. Keep the total weight in mind as you shop for converters. Ideally stay a few pounds under the maximum rating of these desks. 

Manual vs Motorized

You can get standing desk converters in a gas spring configuration or a motorized configuration. The motorized versions can usually bear more weight, but the increase in cost is pretty significant. 

My recommendation is to go with the manual gas spring version. You will save a ton on costs, and you will have a pretty similar working experience. 

The gas spring makes the desk converters feel near weightless to lift in the upright position, and barely needs pressure to drop down. 

The motorized versions just add too much cost and complexity to a standing desk converter. When it comes to a full size standing desk, the thought process is a little different, where a motorized version would make more sense.  

Table Surface Size

Next, we want to think about how much table space we need for our converter. Usually, converters have two separate platforms. One platform for your monitors, and another platform for your keyboard and mouse. 

Top Platform

For the top platform, keep in mind how much space your dual monitor setup needs. Desks are typically called out by their overall width. So a 32 inch desk is 32 inches wide, a 42 inch desk is 42 inches wide. It doesn’t speak to the depth of the table. 

If you want to keep the table surface relatively small, I highly recommend using a dual monitor table clamp mount for your monitors, such as this one below:

HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

This gas spring monitor arm simplifies assembly and can be set up in 10 minutes or less. It has solid construction and a stable clamp/grommet base for secure holding and allows for a wide range of motion with smooth action.

Check Price on Amazon

The mount above has gas springs in the mount so you can adjust them freely without any tools. That makes it super convenient to dial in your setup. If you have larger monitors, we have an article on the best dual monitor mounts for those oversized screens.

If you get your standing desk converter and are worried about the converter’s table top not being strong enough, follow our guide on monitor mounts for weak desks

Basically, you can spread that clamping load across a much larger area making it safer for thin or weak desks. The load is spread with a device called a monitor mount reinforcement plate

WALI Monitor Mount Reinforcement Plate

This reinforcement bracket kit adds extra support to your monitor mount and fits most types of monitor mounts using C-clamps. It increases stability by spreading the load and protects your desk from damage and scratches.

Check Price on Amazon

Not interested in adding the cost of a dual monitor mount? Then you have to keep in mind the size of desks needed to support dual monitors. We have a dedicated article covering that topic here

If you already have two monitors on your desk, simply measure how much space their factory monitor stands take up on your desk. 

Some people don’t want their monitor to overhang freely, others don’t mind as long as the monitor stand is fully supported. Keep this in mind for the table top size. 

Also, think about other items you would want functional at a standing desk height. Do you take notes in a notebook? Do you use textbooks? Find out what else will be on that desk converter and take it into account! 

Keyboard Platform

For the keyboard and mouse platform, you want to make sure that you have enough room for your specific keyboard and actually usable mouse space. 

If you use a full size keyboard, you’ll want to measure out what a comfortable keyboard and mouse setup looks like. Remember that that mouse needs space to move around! 

A quick measurement of your peripherals is well worth it here. It’s a bad day when your desk comes in and can’t fit your gear. 

Rocelco 40" Large Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter, Quick Sit Standup Dual Monitor Riser, Gas Spring Assist Computer Workstation, Retractable Keyboard Tray, (R DADRB-40), Black

Converter Footprint

The last thing you want to keep in mind is the overall footprint of your desk converter. This is the space the desk needs to sit on. 

If you are looking for a stand sit desk converter that holds two monitors, chances are its larger than normal compact converters. 

As you are selecting your desk converter, look at how much desk space is required and make sure you have that much space available. Some of these standing desk converters can be very large and bulky. 

Desk Height Range

The desk height range is very important to consider. This is a dimension that adds on to the top of your current desk. 

Because most standing desk converters have a minimum thickness, the range will never start from zero.  Usually it starts at a couple of inches, and goes up around 

To see if a converter falls in your height range, first, find out the height of your current desk. Then add on the height range of the standing desk converter you are considering to get your overall range. 

If you don’t know what height you need, this calculator can help you determine your ideal overall measurement for a standing desk. 

Rocelco 40" Large Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter, Quick Sit Standup Dual Monitor Riser, Gas Spring Assist Computer Workstation, Retractable Keyboard Tray, (R DADRB-40), Black

Dual Monitor Standing Desk Converters

Now that you are an educated dual monitor standing desk converter shopper, let’s finally talk about some of the options that are out there! These options are all dual monitor compatible standing desk converters. 

The Affordable Option

Let’s start with one of the more affordable desk converter options. 

This particular version also stands out from most other standing desk converters in another way. Can you tell what’s different? 

Instead of giving you a large monitor platform and a small keyboard platform, they do the opposite! This makes a lot more sense in my opinion. They essentially added a monitor shelf to an adjustable height work surface.

Monitor shelves give you room to store items beneath the shelf, something a typical standing converter layout can’t do. We have a dedicated article on the benefits of monitor stands.

You don’t have to worry nearly as much about having enough keyboard and mouse room, because you have the entire work surface available to you! It’s much more similar to a typical desk setup. 

If you’re someone who needs to have a notebook nearby and some room for writing at the keyboard platform level, this one’s for you. 

They also come in six different color schemes. You can get the version that perfectly matches the rest of your workspace. The max weight capacity will do well with monitors around 24 inches and have capacity to spare. 

Here are some of the key characteristics we talked about being important.

  • Weight Capacity: 33 lbs
  • Desk Size: 36 inches
  • Footprint: 21.14 x 27.9 inches

The Convenient Option

If you planned on buying a dual monitor clamp mount with your sit stand desk converter, hold off on that purchase! 

This is one of the most convenient and out of the box ready solutions for dual monitor converters. As you can tell, this converter comes with an integrated dual VESA monitor mount! 

VIVO Height Adjustable 32 inch Standing Desk Converter with Dual 13 to 30 inch Monitor Stand, Sit Stand Monitor Mount and Desk Riser, Black, DESK-V000K-M2

If both of your monitors are VESA compatible, this can make for a super clean converter solution. As long as you are content with the desk size and layout, this makes a great option. 

The listing mentions this can support monitors up to 30 inches and 17.6 lbs each. That means it can support over 35 lbs! 

The keyboard tray is as wide as the desk, so you will have plenty of room for a full size keyboard and mouse. 

This is a great option for those with large monitors looking for a convenient and clean solution. 

  • Desk Size: 32 inches
  • Footprint: 16 x 30 inches

The Large Option

If you need a bigger standing desk converter that can hold two monitors, the option above won’t be a bad choice. 

This converter measures at 42 inches! Much larger than the last two options we talked about. If you’re someone who can benefit from a larger working area, consider a converter over 40 inches in width, such as this one. 

VIVO 42 inch Electric Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk Converter, VE Series, Sit to Stand Tabletop Dual Monitor Riser with USB Port, Black, DESK-V000VLE

As long as you meet the weight capacity, you can fit a much larger set of dual monitors on this desk. 

This desk also has some neat features like a switch controlled USB power port, and a tablet/phone holder right at the center! 

  • Weight Capacity: 33 + 4 lbs
  • Desk Size: 42 inches
  • Footprint: 26 x 36.5 inches

The Option With Color Options

If you’re looking for something similar to the option above without the huge profile, there is a 36 inch version as well. The nice part about this specific converter is that it comes in many more color options. 

VIVO 36 inch Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk Converter, V Series, Quick Sit to Stand Tabletop Dual Monitor Riser Workstation, Light Wood Top, White Frame, DESK-V000VA

You can choose from black, dark wood, light wood, vintage wood, and plain white. This can really help you blend in with your current workspace. 

Nothing is worse than having an oversized chunk of a desk converter if it looks like it doesn’t belong.

  • Weight Capacity: 33 + 4 lbs
  • Desk Size: 36 inches
  • Footprint: 26 x 36.5 inches
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