The Best Computer Desks For Two Monitors – Get Productive

Not a one-screen sort of person? We have a productivity-centric list of dual-monitor computer desks that will help you boost your productivity!

In this guide, we’ll make sure you understand how adding a monitor to your current work setup facilitates productivity and share different types of computer desks for dual monitors.

Choosing Dual Monitor Computer Desks

Although we’ll shortlist the best types of computer desks for dual monitors, knowing what features are important can let you choose the perfect desk for yourself.

Here are the major factors you should note when purchasing a two-monitor desk.

Desk Size

Two monitors will need a bit more space. Though there are ways to make two monitors fit on any desk, it’s easier to get going right away with a larger desk.

But what size should the new desk be? To get a rough estimate of the desk size, simply measure the width of each monitor. Also, keep in mind if you want to move up to larger monitors in the future.

You can get monitor dimensions on prospective monitors online and plan ahead! While the width is the main consideration to fit two monitors, also consider desk depth!

Tabletop Material

We have a dedicated article on how to choose the right material for your desk tabletop.

There is a direct tradeoff between cost and longevity with tabletops. Solid wood tables will last really long, but be much more expensive than an engineered wood solution.

For example, IKEA’s LINNMON tabletop is only $25 at the time of writing! It has particle board combined with a paper-filled interior. It does really well for the cost, but longevity will highly depend on how well you treat the table.


Price, undoubtedly, is a huge factor when we make any purchase. As we touched on with the tabletop material, the cost is highly correlated to robustness, features, and longevity.

If you are able to spend a bit more, chances are you can get more features and a longer-lasting desk. If you are a college student, on the other hand, being cost-efficient is the way to go. IKEA & Amazon desks deliver well here.

Desks can have a huge range of costs. We have a dedicated article on what influences the cost of desks.


Desks these days come in all shapes and sizes. There is a huge list of features that desks can come with so think about what features are important to you and how you use your workspace.

Here is a quick list of features that people should keep in mind when desk shopping.

  • Height adjustability (Standing desks)
  • Storage shelves or drawers
  • L-shaped desks
  • Computer cabinets

Keep in mind that features influence cost as well!

Ease of Assembly

I always check reviews to see how easy a desk is to assemble, or if there are common issues in this area. Some desks make you put together every little piece. Others are designed to fold out and only require a few screws.

Though assembly is a one-time thing, I still keep my eye out to avoid nightmare assembly experiences.

Space Available

It doesn’t matter if your desk can fit your two monitors when your home office can’t even fit your desk.

Take a few moments to measure where your desk would fit best. If you are against a wall and wonder how much room you need to be comfortable in a chair, check out this article below:

The Best Dual Monitor Computer Desks

By now you should have a good idea of what you like in a new desk. Let’s check out some options that will satisfy your dual monitor desk setup. These come in a large range of shapes and sizes.

1. CUBIKER: Modern But Simple Desk

Cubiker 40 inch Home Office Computer Desk

This computer desk comes with a storage bag to help you better allocate desktop space. It has a diagonal brace to reinforce the frame and adjustable foot pads. It's available in multiple sizes (32/40/47/55/63 inches) for your ideal desk setup.

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Shout out to all the minimalists out there! Although the ‘modern but simple’ desks have a minimalistic approach, they still come with useful features.

Many of them come with a handy storage side pocket attached to the side, which maximizes the desks’ space efficiency. We talk about how useful side storage pockets can be here. Coming in at 40 inches wide, these desks can easily accommodate a dual monitor setup.

The desks can be customized as they come with different color options and sizes. They go up to 63 inches wide for a spacious dual monitor setup!

2. AUAG: L-Shaped Desk

AuAg Modern 66.5‘’ L-Shaped Home Office Desk

This L-shaped corner desk has a sturdy frame and anti-scratch particle board desktop that can hold up to 450 lbs. It includes adjustable leveling feet and a bottom shelf for a computer case. The wide desktop offers plenty of room for multiple monitors and additional items.

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For people that want to maximize corner space, we have AuAg’s round L-shaped computer desks that hold two monitors quite comfortably. The desk has enough space to easily add more monitors.

This L-shaped dual-monitor computer desk is multi-functional and comes with a CPU stand. We get lots of people asking about how to hide their computer tower – desks like this have a built-in solution.

The beveled corner feature on this computer desk ensures that it fits snugly into the corner of your office.

You can get really creative here with two of these L-shaped desks and create a huge U-shape desk for yourself! Mega desk!

 3. BESTIER: L-Shaped Long Adjustable Desks

Bestier L Shaped 95.2" Computer Desk

This L-shaped desk has a power outlet, adjustable length, a spacious modern desktop, and sturdy construction. It comes with a separate monitor stand and grommet holes to keep the desktop clean and tidy.

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Another popular computer desk is Bestier’s L-shaped adjustable desk. This is because it is actually a modular desk design. Don’t want an L-shape? Turn it into a long straight desk instead!

If you’re on the fence about L-shaped desks, this one five you the option to just switch back pretty easily!

This desk also comes with a powered grommet hole so you have quick access to AC power. Pretty handy for cable management purposes!

4. FLEXISPOT: Electrical Adjustable Standing Desk

FLEXISPOT EC1 Electric Standing Desk

This electrically height-adjustable standing desk offers a spacious and ergonomic workspace, smoother height adjustments, and solid construction. It's built for workers to stay active, healthy, and productive.

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If you want to dive into the world of standing desks, here’s one that can support dual monitors pretty safely. Flexispot is a well-known brand in the world of standing desks. They even sell converters that support two monitors. We cover that in our dedicated article on dual monitor standing desk converters.

The health benefits of standing up while working are definitely there, and we suggest our readers consider buying them for those benefits. This dual monitor computer desk is motorized and adjusted with the two buttons below the desk.

You can use the buttons to increase or decrease the height as per your requirements. One may even call these computer desks for dual monitors minimalistic due to their simple design and feel.

5. TRIBESIGNS: Desk with Hutch and Bookshelf

Tribesigns 47 inch Computer Desk with Hutch

This desk and bookshelf two-in-one saves space and offers ample storage. The desk has an extra-large surface for a laptop or a dual monitor desktop PC. The legs are metal and the desktop is made of particle wood.

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If you’re big into shelf storage, you’re going to love this desk. It’s large enough for multiple monitors, and it comes with two full-width storage shelves!

The display unit above the monitors is big enough to hold books, stationery, or showpieces. Beneath the desk lies a large bookshelf that can house multiple books or work-related items.

It comes in two different colors if you’re into darker wood or lighter wood tones.

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