The Best Desks For A Three Monitor Setup

Triple monitor desk setups are at the peak of multiple monitor setups. It is a perfect balance if you ask me. Three is not so many that it starts becoming ridiculous. But you still have many monitors that can directly translate to productivity. 

They are not as expensive as the super ultrawide monitors either. Three monitors give you more visual real estate at the same time. The cheapest super ultrawide monitor I can find at the time of writing costs $800! 

A typical 24-inch monitor can cost as little as $100, or $200 for a nice one with a higher resolution. That means you can get four nice monitors for the same price as one super wide monitor. It’s a no-brainer, you save money going with a triple monitor setup. 

Super ultrawide monitors are usually a 32:9 aspect ratio. That means for every 9 vertical pixels, there are 32 horizontal pixels. That’s double a normal 16:9 aspect ratio monitor, which means it really is only two monitors combined.

You don’t get the real estate of a triple monitor setup even though you pay way more. 

Three monitors also offer perfect symmetry, unlike a dual monitor setup. I don’t like the idea of the seam between two monitors being at the center of my vision. Just seems wrong. 

So with three monitors being a killer setup, all we need now is a desk that can support this very effective setup. In this article, we’re going to dial in exactly what type of desk you need to get the most out of your triple monitor setup.

Key Takeaways

  • Desk size plays the biggest part in choosing a three-monitor desk.
  • Consider how big your monitors are, and if you need additional space for other accessories.
  • Solid wood table tops will better support aftermarket triple monitor mounts.
  • Think about other nice-to-have features such as storage and design.

How To Choose A Desk For Three Monitors

Desk Size

Desk size is the most important feature to consider for a three-monitor setup. We want all three of those monitors to fit well on your desk. 

Below we put together a quick table on the average width of three monitors based on the monitor screen size. For example, if you have three 24″ monitors, they will likely add up to around 63 inches in overall width when placed side by side. 

How Big Does Your Desk Need To Be For Three Monitors?

Monitor SizeApproximate Monitor WidthTriple Monitor Width
22″19 inches57 inches
24″21 inches63 inches
27″24 inches72 inches
32″28 inches84 inches

You can tell that desks will get pretty huge with three 27″+ monitors. Before you choose the Triple Monitor Width number and run with it, there are a few more considerations to make. 

That number assumes each monitor is placed right next to each other and is facing forward. That is unlikely to be the case. Typically the center of the three monitors is facing forward, and the monitors on either side are angled toward you. That reduces the width requirement by just a touch. 

The other consideration is if you need additional room on either side of your monitor for accessories. 

For example, if you want to place your fancy custom computer tower on one side, you will need to add that to the triple monitor width. If you want speakers on either side of your monitor, you will need to add that dimension too. 

Think of everything you will put on your desk that will take up depth and width. Get a rough measurement, and you will have a really good place to start choosing the right desk. 

Monitor Mounting

The next consideration is monitor mounting. Using your factory monitor stands is absolutely fine, but you unlock a ton of benefits by using monitor mounts. 

You gain more space and your desk just looks better with table clamping monitor mounts. The monitors seem like they are floating in space! This is key in our article on triple monitor mounting for small desks.

In order to use these table clamping monitor mounts, you will need a solid wood table or another strong surface. These clamps typically hold onto a small area of your desk, so if that small area is not strong enough, it will damage the table. 

We have dedicated articles on how to use clamping monitor mounts on weak desks, so there are some workarounds if needed. 

Keep this in mind when selecting a desk type. 

The Other Desk Stuff

Size and tabletop material will be the most critical aspects regarding triple monitor setups. The other items below are common desk characteristics to consider no matter how many monitors you have. 

Also, just make sure the weight capacity of your desk can support three monitors. Check out some stats on average monitor weight here.

Decide which of the characteristics below are important to you.

  • Storage: Shelves, Drawers, Cabinets
  • Format: L Shaped Desks, Standing Desks
  • Materials: Solid Wood, MDF, Metal, Glass
  • Aesthetics

The Best Desks That Support Three Monitors

We chose four solid contenders for the best desks that support three monitors. The desk width for all of these options is around 63 to 66 inches in width. So these are perfect for people with three 24-inch monitors. 

If you have larger monitors such as 27 and 32, most of these desks have a larger variation on the product page. Also, as long as the monitor stand can fit on the desk, your screen edges don’t necessarily need to fit within the desk’s width. 

Budget Desk Pick

Budget Pick
ODK 63 inch Large Computer Desk

This computer desk comes with an additional storage bag and headphone hook for more organization of your workspace. With dimensions of 63" x 22", there is plenty of legroom and storage space. Available in even more sizes and colors.

Check Price on Amazon

For those on a budget, this selection is for you. This is a no-nonsense desk that is simple and large. It comes with a simple side storage pocket, which is pretty useful. We have an article on why side desk storage pockets are underrated.  

If you just need a large desk that can support three monitors on their factory stand, look no further. This gets the job done for the lowest price. 

L Shaped Desk Pick

L-Shaped Pick
Rolanstar L-Shaped 59'' Desk with Integrated Lights

This L-shaped corner desk provides ample workspace with 2 desktops, a detachable monitor stand, a power strip, and a headphone hook. The steel frame and adjustable leg pads ensure stability with the particle board top.

Check Price on Amazon

L-shaped desks are great for a three-monitor setup. They let you angle your monitors towards you which are along the desk itself. L-shaped desks have more real estate so you know three monitors will fit well. 

Better yet, this L-shaped desk comes with a built-in monitor shelf. This makes aftermarket monitor mounts not as necessary as you already get your table space back. 

Storage Friendly Pick

Storage Friendly Pick
66'' Home Office Desk with Storage Features

This multifunctional computer desk includes a large desktop, monitor riser, file drawer, printer shelf, two iron hooks, and a CPU stand. The desk also includes a charging station with 4 outlets and 2 USB ports, as well as an on-off switch.

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If storage is important to you, this should scratch that storage itch. 

This is a long 66″ desk with multiple shelves and even a drawer built in. As with the desk above, it comes with a monitor shelf as well! No need for aftermarket mounts. The desk design is interestingly compartmentalized so it will be sure to stand out as a unique desk as well. 

Five shelves and a drawer will be the most storage any desk on this list has. 

Standing Desk Pick

VIVO 63 x 32 inch Standing Desk

This standing desk workstation provides a smooth transition from sitting to standing with customizable memory settings and timer reminders. The 63.1" x 31.5" (28" at center) tabletop offers ample space for monitors, laptops, and other work projects. The desk frame is made of all-steel construction and supports up to 176 lbs, while the desktop is scratch-resistant particle board.

Check Price on Amazon

Last but certainly not least, we have an option for our standing desk friends. 

This is a 63″ wide electric adjustable height desk. It’s a great desk for those that need the convenience of a sit-stand desk with the width for a triple monitor setup. 

This is also a particularly deep desk at 32″, so you will have plenty of room for other accessories. This desk has a high weight capacity of over 170 lbs, so it will have no problem lifting three monitors. 

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