Get Cozy and Productive: Choosing the Perfect Bed Monitor Mount

Sometimes, we want to just work or play in the comfort of our own beds. This doesn’t always mean you need to buy a laptop. Especially if you have a dedicated computer tower. 

Plus, laptop screens are just too small for some things. If you want a full-size monitor to be viewable while you’re in your bed, you’re going to need a proper monitor mount. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about how to choose the perfect monitor mount that works for your setup. We’re going to talk about mounting points, desired monitor orientation, stowing positions, and more. 

By the end, you should have a good idea of what the best monitor mount is for you, and how to set it up for maximum functionality. 

Key Takeaways

  • Keep in mind the desired orientation of your monitor & find the appropriate monitor mount and arm type that fits your desired orientations.
  • Keep in mind the stowaway position and consider game-changing accessories to keep you efficient while in bed. 

Choosing A Monitor Mount For Your Setup

Here are some things you must think about before buying any monitor arm for your bed. Keeping these factors in mind will save you time overall. 

You will end up purchasing one well-fitting mount instead of a bunch of trial-and-error purchases and returns. 

Ensure Your Monitor Is VESA Compatible

VESA holes are a set of standardized mounting holes on the back of most monitors. The monitor mounts we cover in this article will use this mounting system. Some monitors do not have these mounting holes though. 

ASUS VA24DQ 23.8” Monitor, 1080P Full HD, 75Hz, IPS, Adaptive-Sync/FreeSync, Eye Care, HDMI DisplayPort VGA, Frameless, VESA Wall Mountable ,BLACK

We have a whole article on how to mount monitors that don’t have VESA mounting holes here

While mounting non-VESA monitors is possible, it becomes a bit more risky when the monitor is literally on top of you in bed. For this reason, I don’t really recommend using non-VESA monitors in bed setups. 

If you plan on mounting a monitor without VESA holes through the methods in the article linked above anyways, triple check all of the weight ratings of the VESA adapter and the monitor stand. Make sure they are rated well over the weight of your monitor. 

Ideally, you should use a monitor that has VESA mounting holes. Not only will it look cleaner, but it will be much safer. VESA holes are usually integrated into the structural frame of a monitor. They should be safe in many more orientations.

Desired Monitor Orientation

First, you should think about what orientation you will be using your monitor in while in bed. Will you be sitting upright with your monitor looking straight at you? 

Do you want it at an angle so you can be a little slouched? Or do you want to be completely laying down and look up at a flat monitor? 

bed monitor mount orientations

If you want all of these orientations to be possible, keep that in mind. Each of these situations could benefit from a different monitor mount type and mounting location. 

You want to avoid limiting the monitor position by the monitor arm itself. Where you mount your monitor will determine what orientations are possible. 

Mount Types

There are a few different types of wall mounts on the market. It’s important to know what is out there so you can figure out which option is best for you. Monitor arms can be mounted in any of the following ways:

Clamp Mounts

Clamp mounts are just what they sound like. They are clamps that can typically mount onto surfaces between 2-3 inches in thickness (though there are ways to clamp onto thicker surfaces). 

These are designed to clamp onto desks, but you can really clamp onto anything that has a strong foundation and structure. This includes your bed frame, backboard, a sturdy shelf that’s bolted to your studs, etc. 

Just make sure it’s a place where you would be comfortable mounting something much heavier than just a monitor. That’s a decent gut check for me. 

They take up a relatively small clamping surface making them a very space-efficient option. Installation is also a breeze because you simply screw a clamp onto your surface and you’re done. 

Here’s an example of a clamp mount with a very long arm that can reach your bed! 

VIVO Monitor Mount with Extra Long Adjustable Arm

This single monitor mount can hold a screen up to 32" and 17.6 lbs via VESA hole mounts. It offers a much longer attachment arm allowing your monitor to travel further from the mounting point.

Check Price on Amazon

Wall Mounts

Wall mounts might be the cleanest solution if you are willing to go through the installation process. These are mounts that get screwed into the studs in your wall to form a securely mounted monitor arm. 

Because we mount these anywhere on the wall, we don’t have to look for a specific mounting feature like you would need to with the clamp mount. 

Because bed monitor mount orientations typically require a top-down view, you may have to wall mount a monitor higher than usual. 

Amazon Basics Wall Mount Computer Monitor and TV Stand - Lift Engine Arm Mount, Aluminum - Black

You have a lot more vertical freedom when it comes to wall mounting a monitor. Wall studs run across the entire height of a wall. This is very helpful for a bed monitor mount. 

While this might be the most effort to install, it could be the most functional solution when paired with a proper monitor arm. You can also attach it to a wall on the side of your bed for more position flexibility.

Stand Alone Mounts

If you are surrounded by windows that don’t allow you to wall mount, or you don’t have a good “clamp-able” mounting point, you can always get a standalone mount. 

Standalone mounts are monitor mounts connected to a floor stand. You basically can use your monitor anywhere you have some room on the floor. If you have a little space on the floor next to your bed, a stand-alone mount is a very straightforward solution. 

This does take up some floor space and won’t look as clean, but it will be one of the simplest, no-nonsense solutions. 

AM alphamount Floor TV Stand for 13-50 inch Flat & Curved TVs up to 44 lbs, Height Adjustable Monitor Floor Stand with Max VESA 200x200, Portable TV Mount Stand for Living Room, Bedroom, APFS01

Because an extending and articulating arm would throw off the balance of a floor mount, these typically mount the monitor directly above the floor stand. This means the monitor will mostly be at the side of the bed, not directly in front of you. 

Mounting Points Near Your Bed

If you decide to go for a clamping or wall mount monitor arm, think about where you want it mounted. Where you mount the arm will dictate what positions are possible. 

Do you have a strong bed frame? Are you able to wall mount near your bed? Do you have a strong desk next to your bed? 

A long monitor arm might be able to clamp onto your desk and then be swiveled all the way over to your bed. That would make a good dual-function solution. 

If you don’t have a good place to mount a monitor, I would highly recommend looking into an overbed table like this:

Adjustable Overbed Table With Wheels

This standing desk has a laminate top that can be raised with ease and locks securely when the lift handle is released. The H-style base with 2-inch swivel casters allows easy maneuverability. It can be raised or lowered in infinite positions between 28 and 45 inches with a weight capacity of 40 lbs.

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This gives you a height-adjustable desk surface that is literally designed to be over your bed. 

You can very easily use a monitor clamp mount with one of these. They have a weight capacity of about 40 lbs, which can easily support a monitor and a monitor arm. 

If you want to know how much monitors typically weigh, check out this article

Stow Away Position

When you’re done working or gaming, you want to be able to stow that monitor away. Think about where your monitor should live when not in use. 

This can mean storing it against a wall, back at your desk, or in a little nook. Where you store it depends on if you want it to be functional elsewhere, and how you want your space to look when the monitor is not in use. 

Thinking about this ahead of time will ensure you have a plan when you’re done with your computer at the end of the day. 

Monitor Mount Arm Types & Length

The last thing we are touching on is the types of monitor arms out there and why their length will be important. 

Static Height Mounts

The first type of monitor arm is a static height arm. These are simple metal links that are bolted to a specific height and then pretty much live at that height. You are only able to swivel and tilt your monitor with this type of mount. 


Here’s an example:

VIVO Single Monitor Desk Mount Arm

This single-arm mount fits monitors on the market between 13” and 32”, that weigh up to 22 lbs with VESA mounting. It offers adjustable height, tilt, and rotation for flexible viewing angles and integrated cable management for a clean setup.

Check Price on Amazon

Gas Spring Mounts

The other type of monitor mount is a gas spring monitor arm. (We have a dedicated article on how to fix these monitor mounts when they sag.). These are a little fancier as they have a gas spring in there that can actually support the weight of the monitor. 

34 inch ultrawide monitor gas spring mount

I recommend these to most people. They can be adjusted in any direction on the fly. They make more sense for a bed setup where you need to stow a monitor away and adjust the position more frequently. 

Here’s an example of a gas spring monitor mount:

North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount

This monitor mount is universal and fits most 17''-30'' monitors. It has a durable gas spring system for easy positioning, supports C-clamp or grommet installation, and improves overall well-being by creating a comfortable viewing angle for work or gaming, reducing strain on the spine, neck, and shoulders.

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Length Adjustable Mounts

Extending a monitor mount is pretty important for a bed monitor mount. Especially if you are stowing it away in a further location. High-end monitor mounts actually offer monitor mount extensions! 

Here is the LX monitor mount by Ergotron. It comes in a desk clamp or wall mount version. 

Premium Pick for 34" Ultrawide Monitors
Ergotron LX Single Monitor Arm

Ergotron is the go-to monitor mount for those with expensive monitors or anyone who wants the best monitor mount money can buy. This mount fits single screens up to 34 inches diagonal and between 7 to 25 pounds.

  • Comes in three colors to match your workspace
  • Clamps desks up to 2.4 inches thick
  • Can be used with LX Extension for more reach
  • Expensive
Check Price on Amazon

It is compatible with this LX mount extension. You can get some serious length out of this extension! 

Ergotron LX Monitor Arm Extension

This extension adds 9 inches of reach to the Ergotron LX Desk Arm, LX Wall Arm, or LX Keyboard Arm for extra flexibility. It's easy to install, includes an end cap, and has a clean design for an uninterrupted monitor arm appearance.

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Final Tips For Bed-Mounted Monitors

Here are some final tips when you start getting set up with a bed-mounted monitor arm. 

Choose A Lightweight Monitor

If you don’t have a VESA-compatible monitor or you plan on purchasing one for this setup, consider a lightweight one. 

This will give you a safer working experience in your bed and open up compatible monitor arm options. Monitor size makes the biggest influence on monitor weight. You can get a better idea of what else influences monitor weight in this article

Get Longer Cables

A bed monitor mount will have to travel a further distance from your computer than a typical desk. This means you will need some longer cables. 

Hopefully, you only need to use a power cable and a display cable so you don’t have to spend too much money here. 

Here are some links to longer cables that will help with that bed monitor setup. Choose the ones that are compatible with your monitor. 

Pair With Bed Friendly Accessories

Pair that monitor setup with some helpful accessories. These will all make working in your bed much more convenient. 

Bed Desk

If you need to do some writing or need a stable place for your keyboard and mouse, a bed desk can go a long way. 

Slendor Foldable Laptop Bed Table

This foldable laptop desk has a unique design with slots for phones, tablets, books, and pens, as well as a cup holder. Made of MDF and aluminum, it's sturdy with an ergonomic curved desk design. It's easy to carry and can be used on the bed, sofa, or floor, making it practical for multiple uses.

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Wireless Peripherals

Working in your bed can be much more annoying when you have wires going everywhere. Make your life easier with an affordable wireless keyboard and mouse.

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

The MK270 combo wireless keyboard and mouse features a plug-and-play USB receiver, a comfortable typing experience, a spill-resistant design, durable keys, sturdy tilt legs, and a comfortable compact wireless mouse with long battery life.

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Bedside Storage

Lastly, if you are falling asleep and need a place to store your peripherals, notebooks, pens, pencils etc. one of these bedside storage systems will boost the convenience factor. 

Bedside Storage Caddy & Organizer

This bedside caddy has a high load capacity with a covered metal frame to prevent tilting and increase stability. It stores all your bedsite items together.

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