The Benefits of All-In-One Desk Organizers

An organized desk is king when it comes to staying focused and efficient at your workspace. All-in-one organizers can make a huge difference in this regard.

This is especially true if you don’t have a great organizational solution at your desk already. For example, this is one solution in our article on how to organize desks without drawers.

Organizers in general can make life easier and more efficient. All-in-one organizers take this further with even more benefits! 

Here’s why all-in-one organizers are special.

Benefits Of All-In-One Desk Organizers

Key Takeaways

  • They are space-optimized which means they use vertical space and have a variety of compartment sizes for every type of desk out there.
  • When you need something, you only have one place to look with an all-in-one desk organizer.
  • This results in finding things faster and being able to focus better with less clutter all over your desk.

Let’s talk about these topics more in-depth.

Significant Benefits of All-In-One Desk Organizers

1) Space Optimized

All-in-one organizers can save you a ton of desk space. If you have a separate pencil holder, document holder, & post-it holder; that can take up a good amount of desk space. 

All those items are stand-alone products. When placed up against each other, they take up a larger footprint compared to one organizer that has all those features integrated. 

The all-in-one solution will always be smaller when the compared compartments are the same size. It is a very space-efficient solution. 

If you love freeing up every inch of desk space as possible, this is a solution you should consider. I love a spacious desk as it just means I can use it for more purposes.

2) Unique Solutions For Every User

I love today’s internet marketplaces. There are so many competitors trying to create the best product at the best price. As a result, there are lots of options for us consumers at great prices!

Because sellers are trying to stand out, there are so many unique variations. They are trying to capture all the different configurations possible for all-in-one desk organizers. 

There are options for every type of organizer you could want. It’s just a matter of looking for one! 

SimpleHouseware Desk Monitor Stand Riser with Adjustable Organizer Tray

Do you want only pencils and accessories organized? What about pencils and documents alone? What about a monitor stand that has a document shelf with pencil and accessory organization? 

These are all items already on websites like Amazon. If you expand your search beyond Amazon as well, you will find even more configurations. 

3) Options for All Types of Desks

In addition to all-in-one organizer configurations, there are similarly a plethora of options to match pretty much any desk type. 

If you have a wooden desk, there is an all-in-one organizer for that. A glass desk? You can get a clear acrylic solution for that as well. 

No matter what your desk looks like, the vast options on the market mean you can find one that goes well with your desk. 

Aesthetically complimentary organizers make your workspace look cohesive and just more inviting. 

4) One Place To Look

Aside from all the configurations and options on the market, a huge benefit of all-in-one organizers is that you have everything in one place. 

We can put our pens, pencils, calculators, planners, notebooks, and documents all in one place. 

Where do you look when you want to find something? That’s correct, right in front of you where your organizer is!

Having one place to look instead of 10 different areas means you can find things faster, and work way more efficiently. Who doesn’t want such an improvement in their workspace?

Liry Products Rustic Torched Wooden Desktop Organizer Dark Brown Tabletop Storage Cabinet Stepped Rack Multiple Compartments 2 Tier Drawers Makeup Accessory Sorter Display Box Home Office Supplies

5) Plenty of EXTRA Features

One subcategory I didn’t touch on in the ‘unique solutions’ section is the extremely multifunctional all-in-one organizers. 

What does that mean? Well, there are some organizers that offer functions you wouldn’t even think to look for. 

An example would be an organizer with a built-in desk lamp. Or built-in USB charging ports or phone holders. Some even come with full-sized power sockets so you have plug points right on your desk!

These are options many don’t think about when shopping for a desk organizer, but they exist!

I highly recommend browsing these options of highly multifunctional desk organizers. All of the benefits we already talked about still apply here. 

Especially the benefit of space efficiency and optimization. A desk lamp integrated with an organizer will always be smaller than a standalone lamp and a standalone organizer. 

You can actually clear off a good amount of desk space with a clean all-in-one solution with these multifunctional organizers!

6) Organization Makes Life Better

We touched on this briefly, but I like to hammer in how good organization is for people. 

Organized workspaces are much more inviting and efficient places to work than cluttered workspaces. That will always hold true!

With a more organized desk setup, you will find yourself losing items less frequently, and having a dedicated home for your frequently used items. 

Our All-In-One Organizer Recommendations

Now that we covered why these all-in-one organizers are such awesome accessories to have, let’s get into our recommendations. 

Remember, you might want a specific configuration, aesthetic, or multifunctional ability. There are too many good options that we can cover in one article. 

Be sure to also browse the web for the specific solution that fits your needs!

1) Bamboo Desk Organizer

Marbrasse Bamboo Desk Organizer with Handle, Office Supplies Desk organizers and Accessories, All-in-One Desk File Organizer with Pencil Holder, 9 Compartments Storage Caddy
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  • ✎【STAY ORGANIZED】: The Upgrade organizer has 9 tilt compartments and 9 flat bottom compartment slots. The desktop organizer shelf is fixed with screws, which can...
  • ✎【STRONG & STURDY ORGANIZER】: Made of environmentally friendly wood board materials, sturdy construct, safe, and nontoxic. Assembled chimeric design, Strong and...
  • ✎【SPACE SAVING DESIGN】: Appropriate size allows it to use on any desktop. Enough space for storing your desktop stationery such as pen, pencil, marker, ruler,...
Check Price on Amazon

First up, we have a nice no-nonsense bamboo all-in-one organizer. 

This organizer has room for items of all shapes and sizes. It has a 6 x 13-inch footprint, and the largest compartment can hold full-size documents lengthwise.

It also has three compartments perfect for your mail!

Marbrasse Bamboo Desk Organizer with Handle, Office Supplies Desk organizers and Accessories, All-in-One Desk File Organizer with Pencil Holder, 9 Compartments Storage Caddy

Lastly, it has pen and pencil holder compartments with three smaller compartments for clips and other small items. 

This organizer also comes with a handle so you can carry everything in your organizer if needed!

2) 14 Piece Modular Organizer

This is one of the higher-priced options on this list but for good reason. It’s a gorgeous and modern all-in-one organizer set. It also comes with matching office supplies! 

It provides you with a stapler, tape dispenser, ruler, calculator, and a pair of scissors! The high price tag makes a little more sense with the matching items included. 

NUSIGN Desk Organizers Set, 13 Piece All-In-One Office Desk Organizer and Accessories, Drawer Organizer, Magazine File Holder, Calculators, Pencil Holder, Stapler, Scissors, Tape Dispenser, White

They included these items because they know the aesthetic value of having all your office supplies match.  

It also puts a little twist on “all-in-one” solutions. It is modular and some items can be stacked on top of each other! You can layout your workspace the way that best suits you. 

Everyone who buys this set will be able to use it differently and have a unique setup!

3) Acrylic 9 Compartment Organizer

If you are looking for something more compact and with more color options, this could be what you’re looking for. 

This is another 9-compartment organizer that has space for all of your items. There are compartments for pens and pencils, post-its, and notebooks. 

Acrylic Office Desk Organizer with Drawer, 9 Compartments, All in One Office Supplies and Cool Desk Accessories Organizer, Enhance Your Office Decor with This Desktop Organizer (Gray)

It even comes with a mini drawer for small items that you want to keep out of sight!

This comes in four different colors, so you have a good chance of finding one that suits your workspace well. It comes in Gray, Black, Clear, and in Light Gray Marble.

4) Organizer With Charging Station

This is our first multifunctional all-in-one desk organizer! 

This organizer can hold a solid notebook in the back, along with all the common smaller-sized office supplies. This includes a pen and pencil holder, a sticky note tray, and clip trays. 

Mind Reader USBORG-BLK Port Supplies Organizer with Charging Station, Pencil, Paper Clip, Desk Accessories Holder, Black USB Charger Stand

It also comes with a phone holder and three USB charging ports! The rear notebook holder can hold and charge a tablet too. It comes in a modern and attractive two-tone color scheme. 

5) Minimal Lamp & Charger Organizer

We had to fit in a lamp organizer on this list because they exist. 

This lamp has an extended base that has room to hold a few items, but nothing too crazy. It has a pencil holder section, a sticky note section, and a clip tray. 

OttLite LED Pivoting Bankers Lamp with USB Charging Port

A pretty simple solution for office essentials. 

It also comes with a USB charging port, so you can use one of the organizers as a phone holder. A handy addition! 

Lastly, the lamp head can actually pivot around, so you can really dial in the lighting position while having this at one corner of your desk. 

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