The Best IKEA ALEX Drawer Dupes & Alternatives

ALEX drawers are a super popular desk drawer from IKEA. They are really high quality and fit well in any room with IKEA’s color options. This is one of those IKEA products that just nails it.

These drawers can be placed under a tabletop to form a desk, and they can store so much, from crafting supplies and makeup to random hobbyist items!

I have two ALEX drawers myself. Check out my own ALEX drawer desk setup and why I recommend IKEA desks for gamers too.

dual alex drawer desk setup with herman miller sayl
My dual ALEX drawer desk setup

These drawers aren’t always the easiest to get nor are they very affordable to ship. With that being said, we’re going to give you the best alternatives and dupes so you can get similar functionality faster and for cheaper. 

ALEX Drawer Look-A-Likes and Dupes

Now let’s get into the best ALEX drawer alternatives and dupes! Here are some options that look and function very similar to the IKEA drawers.

Winsome Halifax 5 Drawer Set

The main brand that comes close to the IKEA look and feel is on Amazon with a brand called Winsome. All of these Winsome drawer sets also come in black and have a nice mix of variations.

This one is going to be the closest to the IKEA drawer set dimensions. It’s a 5-drawer set that has a very similar height of 26.25 inches. That makes it also able to be placed under a tabletop.  

White Winsome Halifax 5 Drawer Storage

This cabinet is versatile and can be used to create a work table by placing a tabletop over two units, with an overall size of 19.21"W x 15.98"D x 26.30" H. The casters provide 2.16" clearance between the floor and bottom of the cart, and assembly is required.

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Winsome Halifax 7 Drawer Set

This next option is for those who want a taller drawer set for even more storage than the IKEA 5-drawer set. It comes with 7 drawers and an overall height of 35 inches. 

It might be too tall for a tabletop to be placed on top, but it would do very well right next to your desk.  If you have a ton of crafting, makeup, or general storage needs, this 7-drawer set is up for the job.

Winsome Halifax 7 Drawer Storage Organization

This cabinet is constructed of solid and composite wood, with 4 casters (2 with locking mechanisms) for easy mobility. It has a weight capacity of 50 lbs. and the drawers can hold up to 15 lbs. each. Full assembly is required and the product dimensions are 19.21" W x 15.98" D x 35.35" H.

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Winsome Halifax Large MultiStorage Solution

This last one is for those looking for a monster storage solution. This ALEX drawer dupe has a 5-drawer set integrated with a full-size cabinet. 

Inside the cabinet, you get two shelves to organize further. If you need a combination of small and large storage areas, this will be the perfect combination drawer set.

Winsome Halifax Large Storage/Organization

This cabinet offers expanded multi-drawer storage with 5 drawers and a 2-compartment cabinet, perfect for next to your desk. The drawer and cabinet interior dimensions provide ample storage space for various items.

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if you want to see more of the Winsome Wood Halifax line of drawer sets! They are the best duplicates on the market today, and they have great ratings. 

ALEX 9 Drawer Dupe

If you’re looking for a dupe of the ALEX 9 drawer, look no further than this Naomi Drawer set on Amazon. This comes with 9 IKEA-inspired drawers for a tall all-in-one storage solution.

This drawer set comes with casters that are lockable so you can move when needed and fix it in place when you don’t.

Naomi Home 9 Drawer Set with Wheels

This dresser and chest of drawers collection offers ample storage space and style options to complement any decor. The 9 individual drawers mean you have ample storage space. The 360° wheels can also be locked for a steady place. It comes with easy assembly and a 90-day manufacturer's warranty.

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ALEX Drawer Alternatives

If you are looking for complete ALEX alternatives, here are a few options worth checking out.

TUSY & Drawer Set

This black TUSY drawer set is a clean and minimal ALEX drawer alternative. It has a similar width to the ALEX drawer but is a bit taller with 7 drawers.

The compact drawers ensure you see everything in each drawer without needing to stack your items. It comes with locking casters so you can roll it around as needed and fix it in place otherwise.

TUSY Black 7-Drawer Set

Get organized with the TUSY 7-drawer dresser, made from durable particle board and equipped with four casters for easy movement. Its minimalist design complements any decor, while its spacious drawers provide ample storage space. Assembly is a breeze with the included tools and instructions.

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DEVAISE 7 Drawer Set

If you want one of the larger drawers out there, this DEVAISE 7-drawer set has great reviews. It also comes with casters can can support up to 150 lbs!

It’s similar to the IKEA ALEX drawer design with the trapezoidal handle grooves, so not many people will even notice the difference. Better yet, all drawers here are relatively shallow, so you don’t have to worry about wasting space with deep drawers.

DEVAISE 7 Drawer Storage Set

This white drawer set offers ample storage space with 7 drawers that run smoothly on premium slides. It is versatile can be used in multiple settings, and can be stationary or mobile with the option of 4 casters. The dresser is made from durable particle board and has a load capacity of up to 150 lbs.

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LITTLE Tree 5 Drawer Set

If you want a storage drawer with a more open design, check out this rustic brown drawer set from Little Tree. You can have a slight glance at your contents in each drawer with this design.

The top surface can be used to store items, and it comes with casters so you can roll it around wherever you need it!

LITTLE TREE 5 Drawer Chest, Rustic Brown

This rustic brown storage chest has a semi-open design and is perfect for multiple settings. The chest has ample storage space with 5 drawers that roll open on metal slides and a top surface that can hold a printer or scanner. It is equipped with 4 casters for easy mobility and is made from high-quality particle board and a sturdy metal frame.

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IKEA also has another drawer option if you want a slightly different look than the ALEX drawers. That is the MICKE drawers. They are about $20 less than the ALEX drawers and have a very near aesthetic. 

They are advertised as more of a side desk table instead of a tabletop support drawer set. 

Why Are ALEX Drawers So Popular?

Let’s talk about why these are so popular. This will help us isolate the ALEX drawer’s strengths, so we can look for those strengths in alternative drawers as well.

Proper Drawer Depth

The first advantage is the ALEX drawer depth dimension. I’m referring to the depth of the entire drawer set as well as the depth of the drawer itself. Check out our article on all the useful dimensions of the ALEX drawers.

The depth of the drawer is 50cm or about 23 inches. This depth is right around the average desk depth! That means this is able to support a standard depth tabletop or something even larger. 

Many other drawer sets are more shallow, which would leave a huge overhang on deeper desk table tops. 

Measuring my own set of ALEX drawers, they have a depth of just over 20.5 inches. This gives you a ton of room to work with.  I have so much stuff in my drawers, maybe too much. We have a dedicated article on drawer organizers for the ALEX drawers as well.

Smooth and High-Quality Drawer Sliders

I am no master builder, and I put the drawers and rails on using the ALEX drawer instructions. The drawer sliding motion could not be smoother. 

Even when heavily loading the drawers, they all operate smoothly and similarly. It’s a very predictable friction level, and I’m very happy with it. 

Empty Alex Desk Drawer

The drawers have a rail cutout paired with dedicated metal roller rails. Also, if you ever drop anything behind one of the ALEX drawers, they are pretty simple to remove. I have a drawer removal guide here that walks through how easy it is.

Designed To Hold Tabletop Weight

The ALEX drawer sets are sold from IKEA with pairable table tops. That means they were actually designed to hold your tabletop and anything you decide to add on top of your table. 

This means a lot to a prospective buyer. It tells you that you can safely use the drawers instead of typical table legs. It doubles the functionality of legs and a storage system. 

This also saves some space compared to needing room for table legs and a drawer set side by side.

Designed With A Typical Table Height

It’s hard for anyone to nail all of the ALEX drawer advantages when it comes to all of the desk-specific advantages.

Another feature of this drawer that speaks to it being designed to hold a tabletop is that it has the correct height. 

You can’t slap a piece of wood on any drawer and call it a desk. You have to think about what a comfortable and ergonomic height of a desk is and design the drawers around that. This is exactly what IKEA has done with the ALEX drawers. 

DEVAISE 5-Drawer Chest with Wheels

This versatile 5-drawer chest is crafted from durable and eco-friendly particle board, is easy to move with 4 casters, and provides spacious storage for desk accessories. Perfect for use in the office, studio, kitchen, or bedroom.

Check Price on Amazon

The drawers are at a very common desk height of 27.6 inches. The average desk height comes in around 29 inches according to some of the most popular desks on the market. 

Once you place a nice table top on top of the ALEX drawers, you find yourself right at a perfect desk height for the average person. Of course, you can use risers if you need more desk height.

Disadvantages of IKEA ALEX Drawers

There’s a good reason you should be looking for an ALEX drawer alternative. Here are some of the biggest disadvantages of the ALEX drawer systems.

ALEX Drawers Have a High Cost

First, this drawer is not very cheap. At the time of writing, the white ALEX drawer comes in at $90 USD. That means you must spend $180 if you want a set of two! We haven’t even bought a tabletop yet if you’re trying to make a desk. 

Also, the black and gray options are $20 more, coming in at $110 USD. If you want two of those you have to spend $220! 

That is a pretty steep price for just drawers. You can get an entire desk for that price. There are also much cheaper storage solutions out there.

IKEA Locations Can Be Inconvenient

IKEA doesn’t have a ton of locations. This means shopping at IKEA is not realistic for everyone. There are a lot of people who live far away from IKEA. 

For some perspective, IKEA has 460 stores worldwide at the time of writing. Walmart on the other hand has 10,500 stores worldwide. Starbucks has 33,800 locations worldwide. McDonald’s has 38,000 locations! 

460 IKEA locations show just how far away they are from most people.

IKEA Shipping Cost

That is a perfect segway into our next point. If the store is too far away, just ship it right? 

Well, that has its own drawbacks. IKEA has some furniture that does not qualify for shipping at all. And if it does qualify for shipping, it is not always cheap. 

I live an hour and a half away from the nearest IKEA in Burbank California. Here are the shipping options they gave me for two ALEX drawers. 

IKEA Shipping Cost

$129 is the cheapest shipping option, and I’m not even that far away! That’s the cost of a whole drawer itself! No thank you.

Not Made From Solid Wood

Even though we pay over $100 for these drawer sets, they are not made from solid wood. While it’s a bummer, it is kind of expected. Solid wood furniture pieces are usually extremely expensive. 

Also, the ALEX drawers have fantastic quality. I have two sets myself, and I never had an issue with the quality of the drawers even though they are not made of solid wood.

Not Always In Stock

Because these drawers are so popular, they go out of stock pretty frequently. The black and gray ALEX drawers specifically go out of stock more often.

At the time of writing, I am not able to purchase the black drawer set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Casters For My Drawer Set?

If you are using the drawers for general storage, having some casters can be a huge help. This allows you to move the drawer set anywhere you need access to your stuff.

If you are using the drawers under a tabletop for a desk, it might get a little sketchy trying to roll around your desk. I only recommend having casters under desk drawers if you have your desktop attached to your drawer set.

This way they all move together as a unit.

How Do I Organize ALEX Drawers?

We have a dedicated article on the best drawer organizers specifically for ALEX drawers. Drawer inserts and organizers let you compartmentalize your drawers and let you get way more organized.

If you have deep drawers you need to organize, check out our article on deep drawer organization. We talk about some creative ways you can make the most of those deeper drawers so no space goes wasted!

Here are some images of my organized ALEX drawers:

How To Organize ALEx Drawers using inserts
Alex Drawer Components (1)

Can You Paint ALEX Drawers?

Painting ALEX drawers are the best way to personalize your drawer set. Though IKEA gives us three color options, we can do a lot better by painting the drawer set ourselves.

The best part is that you only have to paint the outside walls and the front panels of the ALEX drawers. This is exactly how IKEA paints its drawers.

How to remove ALEX Drawers (6)

In the image above, you can see how only the front panel of the ALEX drawer is painted. This makes the paint job much faster.

Also, a pro tip, if you plan on painting them, just get the white ALEX drawers. They are $20 cheaper than the black and gray options.

How Can I Remove ALEX Desk Drawers?

I have a dedicated article on how to remove ALEX drawers in case you get something stuck behind the drawers. Check out our guide on ALEX drawer removal here.

IKEA makes it super simple to remove the drawers. You just need to remove a single screw, as seen in the image below.

Removing Screw From ALEX Drawer

Are IKEA ALEX Drawers Worth It? 

So are these ALEX drawers worth it?

If you are a close drive from an IKEA and you want a drawer set that will hold a tabletop at an ergonomic height, yes this is absolutely worth it. The quality is fantastic, and they comfortably excel in all usability features.

If you are far from an IKEA and have to make a trek or shell out a lot more money to get them delivered, it might be worth seeing what other alternatives are out there.

How To Assemble ALEX Drawers

If you need a tutorial on how to assemble ALEX drawers, check out the video below! It’s an easy step-by-step visual guide to help you build your drawer set. This is great if you don’t like reading instructions.

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